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Curiouser and curiouser!

As I spend more time in ruins all across Sol my curiosity of the past grows. Of course learning about the Catastrophe is important and I’ve heard my fair share of theories from the plausible to the downright ludicrous. Although that man who spoke of a ginormous tentacled being larger than a planet was quite drunk. Seems like he wasn’t used to the strength of the drink in København. Finding out exactly what happened is important to avoid it happening again

But what seems almost even more fascinating is life before. Just the scale of it. Most stations now only occupy a small portion of the space that used to be and I can hardly even imagine all the people, and not only the people but the technology. Most of what I have seen is a sad sight. People using run down bits of machinery from before, unable to fix it as that knowledge has been lost. Think about just communication as well. I gaze out at the stars occasionally and think of people out there who live on a station where they are isolated, maybe even believing they are the only ones left. A place where travellers don’t exist and supplies are low and chaos rules. One of my motivations for travelling and learning is in the hope that one day we can connect once again. I just know that they are many different systems out there. I am saying this as someone who hasn’t even left Sol yet and there is still much for me to see and learn through university courses but I live in hope that I will be able to help the stranded people out there. Imagine being part of a jump gate restoration that uncovers a whole new system with inhabitants!