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Reality checks

Living the life of a traveller is proving harder than I thought. Even though the little nest I had made myself in the ruins of Tau station wasn't cracked up to much at least it was a base for me. They say home is where the heart is, and I'm trying to live by that, I really am, but its difficult not having an actual place to call my own. I've decided to stay on this current station for a bit and have rented a guest room, but even the word guest just makes me feel like an outsider, reminding me everyday that I don't belong. Decorating and making it feel more like my space also just feels pointless. Just creating extra weight for me when I inevitably move on. It's not like I can even go back to the ruins of Tau now, even if I wanted to, there's nothing there for me now.

Owning my own ship for now stays a seemingly impossible dream; cycles in the future. Saving a few thousand credits for an engineering course at university is hard enough let alone the hundreds of thousands it takes to get a ship.

At least I've started progressing a bit with my career. I managed to make some repairs to a ship today (even if it was under the watchful eye of a senior technician). I feel like I'm learning more and more everyday but before I move on I've got to undertake some self improvement. Although I do call myself somewhat of a pacifist I'm not an idiot. I know what its like out there, I need to be able to look after myself.


  1. There's good news and bad news for you :-)

    The first is that you can make a station your home, simply by choice. I think I've spent two cycles on Yards of Gadani (with the exception for short trips to pick up University courses and the likes), made friends with many of the locals there, really honed in on my ship repair and even building skills, and generally had a good time. When I moved away, it was by own choice (and restlessness).

    The second piece of good news is that if you are diligent in your career choices, credits will stop becoming an issue. You'll eventually make a bonus on the order of 200+ credits for tasks that become easy to you, and even more than 300 if you don't take all of these pesky rules and regulations too seriously.

    The bad news is that there'll be something else that will drive you forward, make you restless and always striving for something more. It could be the suit siren call of Vaccaro-Ibrahim, or the hunger for more food, or the search for the next better gym, or simply your curiosity. But you don't become a traveler if there isn't something driving you. And that, ultimately, was why I left Gadani.

  2. So it wasn't to be the first to Barnard's Star?

  3. I don't see the contradiction :-)

  4. It just wasn't listed.