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Career choices

As I stood in the Tau Station Employment agency for the first time an important moment took place. What do I want to do with my life? What sort of person do I want to be? Yes I knew, even without the lady standing in front of me saying over and over that the decision is not final, and that I could change career paths whenever I wanted, I was pondering far more than this.

Taking on the life of a criminal was never going to be for me. Rotting away my life in the Brig? No thanks!

The next one to be considered was Law. Yes, like I said being a criminal is not for me, and Law is obviously very important in keeping our society functioning as it is. However the life in an office, starting work in the embassy, dealing with stacks of paperwork and seemingly unnecessary bureaucracy is not where I see my life headed.

I flicked through the papers on the wall and pondered on medicine. Science has always interested me, but there is something about clones that give me the creeps. Now I'm no Promethean, once your consciousness in within a clone I have no problem, but working around these empty shells, just waiting for death to happen and one wrong action on my part could instantly kill a person, like actual death. That's too much for me. I need to think about getting a clone one day actually...

A career in special services was also something to consider. Being an operative seems glamorous but when you think about about it leading a cloak and dagger life isn't really, and I can image having to do questionable things just because a higher up has asked me to, and that doesn't sit right with me.

Following a business career appealed to me in some ways. Buying and selling items, being able to give things to people that they desire all sounds good. But then everything in your life starts to revolve around credits and I can see how morals can be thrown out the window just to make a bit more profit. I think I want something more worthwhile for my life then all that.

Finally I thought about being a Technologist. Strength is not something I was born with, but that has never put me off doing anything. I've always loved working with machines and developing practical skills seems like a great idea. As someone who has always dreamed of owning a ship, this path definitely seems useful. Knowing my way around a ship before owning one... I'm sold.


  1. Choice well made, colleague!

    It was not my first choice though - before coming to be a Port Technician I have spent quite a lot of time in the Clones and later at the Market stalls and endless merchant meetings. However, I now can definitely say that there is nothing in those two careers comparable to the moment when a ship you designed goes on a maiden voyage. Even creating a new clone does not come close to this feeling.

    I wish you all the best on the path you have chosen!

  2. Intersystem distribution plans win

  3. Your mulling sounds eerily familiar. I, too, selected Technologist for my initial career path, although what really drew me to it is the possibility of someday working on Jump Gates and other major technology from Before. We lost so much; I'd love to play a part, however small, in recovering some of that amazing knowledge.

    Life in the 'verse has been sufficiently... let's say "interesting" that I'll probably try to hone some skills in every area eventually. I've already spent a great deal of time tending cloning vats. But the siren song of advanced technology invariably calls me back to the Port.

  4. From one port tech to another, good luck! (trust me, you need it, these ships can be a little finicky)