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Education just became a lot easier!

A couple of days ago I was reading the latest issue of Space Lancet, where a fairly unremarkable article from the research department of Moemedi Medical caught my eye. The article was written using a lot of professional jargon and described what appeared to be a few cycles of research effort by Moemedi in collaboration with the lead Universities of Tau Station, Noveau Limoges, and Spirit of Botswana.

If you have ever taken a course at any University, you will know that the duration of the course will depend not only on the course itself but also on your Intelligence. Before you get a nanite injection, you'll have to pass the Intelligence test. If you have higher than average Intelligence, then the nanites for you would be reprogrammed to allow faster information exchange, ultimately shortening the duration of the course for you.

If you wanted to get your course even faster than that and you had a decent income, you probably would be able to also afford so-called Acceleration. If you take this option, then in addition to the original injection you would also receive a shot of nanites of a different type, which would speed up information processing centers in your brain, thus speeding up the Uni courses even more.

However, there was a catch: it was not possible to offer you a course with duration shorter than the half of the original due to possible negative side effects on your brain.

Long story short - this restriction is now gone thanks to the amazing scientific breakthrough from Moemedi! Over the last 3 cycles, they have developed a new method of preparing and programming the nanites, which allows the students to fully benefit from their high intelligence AND from the Acceleration. This means that if you have Exceptional Intelligence and take advantage of the Acceleration, you will be able to complete the whole course in just 35% of the original time estimate instead of former 50%.

The best of this discovery is that Moemedi method turned out to be extremely easy to reproduce, and all the lead Universities in the known Universe have already implemented it in their labs.

All this means excellent news for all the knowledge enthusiasts, who will now be able to gain new skills much faster than before. So, if you have been saving bonds for a quality education, my advice would be - spend them NOW!


  1. Wonderful news, indeed! I just wish the upgrades were able to be applied in retrograde, I am still blocked for the next 620 segments with my current uni course.