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Science is amazing!

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by science. Science was always important for humanity, but its importance has dramatically risen when the Catastrophe struck. The humanity as we know it has only been able to survive this far thanks to the scientific and technological advancements that enabled us to live on those rocks flying through space at incredible speeds.

Did you ever realize that you actually are surrounded by the environment that has been completely created by people? You breathe the air, eat food and drink water - all of that created with the technologies developed by scientists of the past and present.

Given all that, it's no wonder that I've also built my career around a scientific topic - specifically Medicine. I also enjoy reading a lot of different scientific newspapers and magazines, where sometimes one can find really interesting things - often not widely published outside of the scientific community and unbeknown to the general public.

With this blog, I'll do my best to inform you. my dear reader, about the newest and often very important scientific advancements, which are largely ignored by the mainstream media. I hope that you can share some of my fascination with science - and maybe? Who knows? become a scientist yourself!


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Education just became a lot easier!
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