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new old beginnings

Over a cycle of high level management in the clone centers had to pay off some day. It feels like bearly a tenspan ago when I was cleaning coagulated vat fluid out of unfamiliar machinery. Now after having worked in a multitude of facilities including the original anima foundation vats, working the machines involved is 2nd nature.

Today, the notice came in just as the final premium clone started to germinate. I managed to get past the red scrol plastic tape, and was to be put in charge of all major cloning vat operations around the restored stations.

And what did I do? I told them to go find themselves someone else for the job. I wasn't going to get stuck as a permanent station citizen somewhere, and similarly I wasn't going to get caught up in a single career job.

We'll see if whoever they get to replace me after hearing the news doesn't screw anything up until I decide to return for some of the perks my position would grant me.

I'd been doing a lot of patrols and been involved in even more firefights alongside my syndicate for a while now. So I decided a more physically demanding career would serve to improve my chances in the field.

"Oy, ain't I seen you ere before?" Was the first thing I heard after entering the tau station's port application office. "If ya wanna be useful hows about ya don't cause no fuel related accidents? Cuz my boys and I got actual work to do ya know?"

This was the welcome I'd been expecting all along, so I took it in stride. And I started scrubbing.