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This thing's been silent for a few tenspans now. But there definitely is a reason for it.

It's only been two or so cycles since this shuttle with no reverse thrusters took off from the tau station ruins. To me, it feels more like 200. Sometimes I think that I must have already seen all this still very small galaxy had to offer. And every day, I seem to be proven wrong.

Unknown to me, my coretechs had been recording most of my jurney starting right from that incident with the broken cleaning bot on tau. While I do wonder what benevolent dynamics might be doing with all this data, I also saw a personal advantage.

Recalling all of this information however came at a cost, payed in bonds rather than simple cred chips. It turns out there's more to the process than simply letting everything replay before your eyes. You basically relived every moment of the segments you were recalling, as if they were your first time. Strangely however, on the occasions where I was rewarded for the aid I gave, credit transfers would be iniciated to my account, and I'd sometimes exit the recall with a piece of equipment I am confident I sold once before already.

All of the goings on throughout all of the stations, it was a huge headake trying to remember them all. So that's what I've been up to the last few tenspans, recalling as much of the important data as I could and writing it down somewhere.

I haven't done any work for anima for about that same length of time now. Strangely no one seems to mind over there. I get my salary payed out every new day, and it's been helping me cover the costs of the recall sessions.