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rood awakening

It was worth a try, but I didn't expect a result like this.

I hadn't been very proactive lately. There just wasn't as much of a point to doing my usual activities around the station. I was content to simply let my rations build up for a while, which I knew the workers would hold for me until I picked them up, and after my recent promotion I wasn't going to become the chief clone specialist any time soon. So I was glad for a few days of relaxing the amazon's hotel rooms brought.

Then, I let my guard down, and forgot I was on a gaule station. And with that, my visa quietly expired.

The first thing I remembered was my head bouncing over a slight raise in the station's floor. I managed an undignified "ow", and opened my eyes.

Only to discover I was being dragged along the floor with little ceremony by two goons from whatever passes for the gaule's imigration control.

They'd opened my hotel room, found me asleep, and didn't even think of trying to wake me.

It was somewhat more smoothe sailing after I'd explained in full detail that I was actually able to walk on my own. But of course they didn't let up even one bit till the very moment I got on the deportation shuttle to the jumpgate.


  1. They were a bit more cautious with me. I was awakened on the shuttle, at a consortium station. To this day, I have no idea how their hotel can claim to safeguard the privacy of its guests.
    At least they paid for the ride.