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the long slog

After more than a cycle of working at anima, I've had quite the good promotion streak. Considering my brief arangement with the prometheans, mad clones with a strange desire to murder and a few other hold-ups, I was surprised I got the call the day before.

While punching in the data for our latest client, I got a call from my boss to show at her office as soon as I was able.

Once I was there, she gave me a speech about how much my eforts around the center had improved work efficiency, that few employees showed this amount of dedecation, and a few other standard tropes.

I was kind of expecting what came next, since I had basically been filling the role for a few days now. "Thus, I am happy to inform you that you will be promoted to the position of growth acceleration overseer." I think those were her exact words, at least. Apparently, it was their job to insure that the stored clones didn't go out of order in any way. Not much different to many of the other high-ranking positions, but it still ment a larger pay check.

From what I knew, inter-station regulations that extended even to the gaule had a way of disallowing promotions to any employee unless they held their rank for a certain number of days. All that kept this promotion from happening sooner was simply a load of official beurocracy and red tape.

From here, there's only really one path left, and it's up, to becoming a chief clone specialist. Basically, at that point I'd be in charge of all center operations that anima controlled.

However, I can't say I have any intension of remaining with the company once that's been done. The larger pay is nice, but there's a lot of other fields to get working in. Since I have a lifetime garantee of getting the position back should I ever need the benifit that comes with it, I may as well try picking up my old job of port maintenance, and seeing if I do any better this time round.