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the next frontier

It's finally happened. The news went on the mesh about 1 segment ago, at the time of writing this entry. The techies over at sol jump gate have gotten the barnard's star conduit up and running again.

This ment that for me, my thurst for exploration would be sated once again. But of course, everything comes with a cost, and I ended up paying quite the sum of money to the shipping couriers. My first course of action was to send all my longterm items I had bunkered at the yards to the station I planned to visit last.

I know almost nothing of my new destination. Contact has been made with 5 stations so far, and some of them aren't governed by either the consortium or gaules.

As I made my way to the public shuttle terminals, I noticed that quite a few private ships still occupied the yard's docks. I had expected a bit of a traveler rush, but apparently most were content to stay home for now.