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goings on

I haven't left the yards in a while. But as the influence of my and the other syndicates grows, there have been suttle changes in the way things are done. Just a few segments ago I took a trip down to the ruins. I was going to see if I could find one of the usual rif-raf of petty chriminals to send down to sick bay for a bit.

Instead, I stumbled on a curious sight. I usually take the rute into the ruins past a crumbling old office building that was in the past only used by ruins rats to hunker down in.

Today however, there was a lot more activity around. People carrying expensive weapons and armor were going in and out regularly. Stranger still was that I recognised many of them to be members of one of the larger operating syndicates.

From the observations I was able to make, they'd set this building up as a central storage space for their operations, which most likely also involved the "gentle relocation" of the local squatters.