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clone calamity

It was just going to be another day at the clone center, or so I had hoped. Me putting in a few hours doing genuine work before getting their prometheans their data and wrecking some clones. Well, as it turns out, the clone wrecking happened a little earlier than I'd expected, and a lot more high profile than I'd wished. I had mixed a few doces of accelerant over in the adjoining chemical labs. The first two shots went ok. A female baseline clone was floating in its vat as I injected the chemicals into it's feeding tube, and besides some small limb movements nothing seamed to change. A belter was next, all too common here on the yards. Then came the mall. It just had to be one of those that went wrong. Not a minute after injecting the cocktail of groath hormones and other accelerant drugs, the clone started thrashing about inside its pod like it had gone mental. Next thing I knew, cracks had started to form along the sides of the tank, just before a loud crashing noise signified the clone's violent exit from it's duroglass prison. Gestation fluid went everywhere and strangely, the freed mall began charging around the room smashing everything in reach. Clones going manic was generally an exception rather than a rule, so the center had nothing to stop clones other than broot force. I had brought my weaponry, however my rifle was going to be of no use here in these tite quarters. I quickly scrambled up onto the currently unmanned front desk, then made a daring leap onto the nearest clone pod. The mall spotted me in an instant and made a dash for the pod I was on. I pulled out a sword I had received a few weeks prior, which I could always depend on. Unfortunately, the clone was dragging loose wires and tubing behind it from the machinery that had been connected to it while gestating, and my sword was almost tangled in the mess that had formed around it. As I was trying to work it free, the mall pulled back one massive fist and smashed it into the cloning tank, causing the part I was standing on to fall in on itself. I was submerged almost to my chest, but luckally I finally managed to pull my sword free. The clone inside the pod with me made any act of maneuvering very difficult, but I managed to swipe at the mall and catch it's left arm. This didn't phase it in the least, as it was in some sort of chemically induced rage, and it kept hacking away at the pod, trying to get at me. I saw no other choice, so with a quick slash I severed the thin tubing holding the pod's ocupant in place, and threw the now limp body at the mall clone outside. The mall was briefly staggered, but quickly caught itself and flung the body away like a ragdoll. That however gave me enough time to get my feat back onto the ground of the pod and I pushed upward, heaving myself out. A gunshot rang out across the center, and I was relieved to see the guards had arrived. I didn't see if the mall clone was hit, but I saw it rush towards the source of the sound blindly swinging its arms. Another shot created two small holes in the clone's head, finally dropping it. After explaining what had happened and sorting everything out with the guards, I surveyed the damage. Three more clone pods had been rendered inactive by the mall's mindless rampage, and there was a lot of gestation fluid and dead clones to dispose of. Yeah, just another ordinary day, what I wouldn't give for one of those.