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downloading courses

This is something I've thought of a few times. We are constantly linked up mentally with our coretechs. We're able to get a lot of information from it without a problem. So I wonder why in all the stars you must still travel to a university and get a physical injection to absorb the new knowledge. It would certainly be more efficient if some of the more well-off universities like the university of tau station would provide some sort of add-on to your coretechs that allowed you to directly download most if not all courses into your brain without having to go there. I can imagine the process would be more efficient, and might enable the university in question to make even more credits than they already do with the high prices some of the modules carry with them. Of course, there's probably people who know more about these devices in our heads than I do, but I'd wager quite a bit for this to be possible, even with our technological regression.


  1. There is informational learning, and then there is physical structure.
    The implants allow you to access and learn about information.
    The University courses also alter the structures via the nanos.
    This means you can both gain understanding and the motor reflexes of muscle memory, which simply downloading the info wouldn't provide. It is the latter part which makes the harder courses so time consuming to learn.
    Otherwise I think you're idea is excellent.