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The end of the line and ruthless killers

Well, at least for now, this seams to be it. I rest in my hotel room after spending a few segments at the gym, and notice that there's nowhere else to go. The only restored conduit is currently the one leading from sol to alpha centauri, all the other gates aren't operational yet, though I've heard they're working on it. I find myself growing somewhat restless, having nothing much to work towards, besides enrolling in as many university courses as I can. However, while I stay on the yards of Gadani, I've learned to try and keep my head down, stay in my hotel room as much as possible. There's people here. People who have reached the end of the line far sooner than me, and who spend their days stalking the stations of alpha centauri brootally murdering anyone who foolishly stays outside for too long with too many credits on hand. I myself have fallen victim to these before, and the fact that they were bored enough to spend ridiculous amounts of time at the gym means they have turned into killing machines, capable of taking down ill prepared folks before you can say "oh stars!". My advice to anyone who might be reading this before making the innitial jump to their next starsystem. Make use of the bank's services, since they're conveniently available on all stations, and make it a priority to rent a room as soon as you arrive at your next stop if you plan to stay for any signifficant amount of time.