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The sites of sol

well, I can definitely say it's been a strange few weeks since starting my traveling career. Taking a shuttle from one half-rebuilt station to escape the aftermath of the drama I was involved in there, only to be thrown into an entirely new mess at the next stop. And while all that is going on, the two constant worries that always stay with me are whether I will have enough credits to aford a stay at the inn of my next arrival, and hoping nothing gets in the way of me renewing my visa. From working visa inspections on nouveau limoges, I know my social skills will probably fail me with the guards, even if you consider the many times they've saved me in the past. I've wandered through the ruins of tau and kobenhavn, witnissed the ongoings of all the crazies in daedalus, had some of the best noodle dishes since I can remember on teaungoo, and seen some splended forms of human expression on nouveau limoges, and then there was that business of that sencient starship, no idea what made it so mad in the first place. I've taken the jump to alpha centauri and am going to start looking around a bit here. I have no idea what awaits me, but that's the thrill of it all, and the main reason why I don't just settle down and become a permanent resident somewhere.