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catching up.

It's been a while since I first came out of tau's red zones. but after nearly 60 cycles of wasting my time in there, I finally got my papers and documents sorted and could move about tau more or less freely, and even start expanding my horizons to other stations if I were to ever get the credits for it. Of course I started a career as a port technition right away, but quickly found that scrubbing and polishing the hulls of people far higher class than me really wasn't my thing, and I kept screwing up the job. Plus all it did in the end was leave me tired so I couldn't go skavenging later. that's why I applied, and got a job, as a pod mucker in the clone centers. checking and draining clone tanks was monotonous and tedious work, but at least it was easy to do and got me a small flow of credits. One thing I also found out while living on tau is that I'm definitely not as much of a fighter as I took myself to be after waking up in sick bay recovering from an attack that had apparently gone quite badly. so I put my head down, conducted more maintenance shifts at the clone center and occasionally filled in with cell cleaning at the brig. then I got the notice that I was being promoted to reclamation processer, which ment higher pay. as a result I was finally able to get myself a room at tau's hotel, which i ended up not needing that long as I soon had enough together to move to kobenhavn, whose prices both for booz and rooms were a lot higher. My next promotion came very well timed however, so those prices shouldn't be a problem anymore either. I've made some friends around those two stations, helped some people, gotten involved in some pretty strange matters. for now I just want to focus on getting my career forwards and picking up some more skills along the way.