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I'm sure you all know what rations i'm speaking of. The vat grown stuff that the folks at the government center are always handing out. The bland, disgusting, yet filling food we all know and have a love/hate relationship with. What i'm here to talk about is the health implications that come with the food. As we've all heard, the people before the catastrophe would supplement their"meat" (that our vat grown bio-meat replaces) with "fruits" and "vegetables" that apparently were like the trees at Estación de Amazon. However, as far as I can see, we have no tree-like matter in our rations. This means that we are supposedly missing a vital part of our diet. Also, we are somehow instantly revitalized by these rations no matter how tired we are. My colleague Xierumeng believes that there are healing nanobots in our food. But I believe that this is not enough. Not only do our rations restore strength and restore physical energy, but restores our minds as well. I wonder what this special additive could be, and where it comes from. The first additive that comes to mind is Vaccaro-Ibrahim Particles. But what motivation could the government have for doing this? And where all all these Vaccaro-Ibrahim Particles coming from, if that's even what they are? And most importantly, can we make our own VIP packs from these rations? We will have to find out.


  1. I am not very good at your forms of communication (mine being somewhat arbitrary in your Designate) but I would phrase this, I suppose, as what your kind would refer to as “omegalol”

  2. I enjoy sprinkling this white powder that my cloning specialist wife brings home from the labs every once in a blue moon, sucrose, she says its called.

  3. I cut my rations into thin slices and fry them on this burner I made with oil, it helps with the texture. Adding this white sand I scavanged from a pre-cat ship also helps with the taste.