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I went to school and now I need a mortgage

It was that time again. The nanites signalled that I had almost assimilated the knowledge of piercing armour and I would soon be ready to take on my next class. That meant a trip to Spirit of Botswana so I can finally master the club.

What fun to travel from the end of the universe at YZ back to university to inject some more nanites. Since I had to make the trip, I thought I would make best use of the round trip and tidy some storage, visit some friends for a quick campaign, and pick up a handy blade.

I just made it home after my little school run. The highlight was definitely meeting some friends for a trip into the wilds to clear out some villains that seem to keep coming back, no matter how many times we send them to sick bay.

The lowlight was the travel itself. So to start with, I nipped onto the Emergency shuttle 'cos I am a lazy traveller. Having travelled a lot in my youth, the excitement of seeing the comings and goings of ships in the shuttle bay has long worn off, leaving me jaded and bored by the whole travel experience, so at least being able to head back to Tau in one hop reduced the number of times I need to wait in the shuttle bay.

I appreciate the shuttles need to be small for performance reasons, but having no facilities on board is very tedious and I quickly become stir crazy. There are only so many times you can read the Tao of Pooh !

Friends have suggested purchasing my own shuttle, but since I can't take anyone on the shuttle, I still can't do anything other than read a book, and I don't remember the last time I saw another traveller on the same shuttle to socialise with.

There are some limitations as to what you can do on a 4G shuttle journey, but even a small gym that allows you to do some press-ups against the increased gravity would be a blessed relief.

And then there's the cost ! Ouch. The travel costs to inject those nanites cost more than the course itself. Even taking out the small costs of my little retail therapy trip on the way back, the travel at least doubles the costs of the course.

So, while I am repackaging enough used gestation fluid and selling it as skin cream to cover those travel costs, I can ponder a few questions :

  • Will I need a mortgage to cost my travel costs ?
  • Can I get a gym upgrade installed on my shuttle to give me a break from reading a book on the long journeys ?
  • Why can't I at least repair my Silenced song of Dotsent on the shuttle ?
  • If I can leave the university once the nanites are injected, why can't I get those nanites injected at ANY university (or at least buy several courses at once and inject them as needed) ?
  • Why can't I book a ticket from Tau all the way to Spirit of New York City ?
  • Is it reasonable for the travel costs to get to university are more than the actual cost of the level 4 course ?

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