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81 - [TRU] Heart

I feel quite encouraged and hopeful.
My plans for [TRU] actually stand a chance of succeeding. I can throw that in the face of the Cloning staff who said I would never amount to anything. I can finally show them that perhaps they shouldn't be throwing away so many "defective" clones, . . . perhaps I can indeed help my people.
It will also be good to have a headquarters so centrally-located. There won't be so much need to travel, but when there is, our prospective home near Sol JumpGate will be in a good position for it.
I'd prefer to set up AT the Jumpgate, but for a trade syndicate, you need a market for credit transfer.
Kobnhavn is the most advantageous location, as it holds a market and has other useful facilities. It's usually pretty close to the JumpGate as well.
I also look forward to seeing that enterpreneurial spirit I have watched growing in [TAU] spread across the galaxy and be the rule rather than the exception - another thing to throw in the face of the establishment.
I have promise of help from so many of my friends and role models, and I even have found interest among the new and rising explorers.
I know it will be slow-going at first, but as we grow, I am sure it will surpass my wildest dreams . . . until I learn to dream bigger.
But that's another station entirely, and we can dock when we get there.
Meanwhile, I'll be looking for a few good people.


  1. I confess to some mild surprise that you have not chosen your beloved Taungoo for your base. I suppose the Kyarr make it somewhat less convenient.

  2. I thought about that, but there's their courtesy charge . . . And, uh . . . You don't get what you pay for.
    Otherwise, great idea.