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77 - Kampai

Another day, another credit. It seems to go that way these days.
I appear to have been growing a little overconfident since taking the helm of this fragile, thirsty speed demon they call a Razorback. The thrill of good, sweet, jovial company and a Mocha Chile at Cafe Nouveau in the same segment as a fresh, hot cup of noodles at Seishu and good conversation with my old friend in the kitchen there seems to have brought my guard down a bit.
This time I made the mistake of joining my friend in the bar as he celebrated some momentous occasion, which called for us to repeatedly fill each other's thumb-sized cups with some foul-smelling, heated liquid which burned all the way down the gullet, each time raising the cup and loudly yelling "KAHM-PIE-EEEEEE" at each other before each tiny but intoxicating swig. At the end of that session, I vaguely remember drifting off to my ship to repair my gear before a sewer run.
Next thing I remember, I was fighting some hoodlum named Footpad, which seemed well and good until I realized why I wasn't able to hit him...
I was wearing my clone suit and hadn't brought any weapons either (No, not even my spatula - where would I have put it?). I turned and scampered off, back to my ship as the searing hot pellets from his shotgun dug into my buttocks along the way.
I quickly donned my armor, grabbed my favored Golden Sunset Series rifle and heat scimitar and returned to rescue my honor. It was a short battle, to be sure, but he was still laughing at me as he passed out. I wonder if Tomas will hear about it. I'm sure I'll find out.
Rather than finish the run as promised, I staggered back to my ship for a nap to regain my wits. I'll wait until I can see straight before I go back for more.

Note to self: Tanegashiman word, pronounced "Sah kay"
Answer "AAAAaah, soo mee mah sen. wah tahsh no sah kay oh jah nye wah kah ree mahs. Ah lee gah to-o-o go zye mahs."
I think it means thanks but no thanks.

Later-update: Almost a day later, I discovered I still had not returned to finish the job in the sewers. Add emphasis to my concern about this "Sah Kay."
I must add that I am puzzled as to why the Kyarr did not intervene and invite me to be their guest like the last time this happened. Maybe it was the fish and the spatula.