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70 - Far and near

I received a message today, inviting me to join our sister syndicate.
I understand, with cloning, it is possible to choose the gender of "your" clone, but I shall decline.
I have no current interest in being my own sister (and I really don't believe cloning works that way anyway). Apparently, my predecessor had two sisters, both of whom brought him plenty of grief. There's no reason for yet another "me" to be doing that.
I read the roster, and I must say I am a bit confused. Some of them just don't qualify as sisters. I shall certainly send them well-wishes, but I am still confused.
Meanwhile, I see that our friends in [DEV] (friends or rivals, take your pick) seem to be doing well. I was amused at first by the notion of people starting a syndicate centered around the acquisition of vehicles, but I know my own has been quite liberating -- when I am not refueling or repairing it that is.
Even stranger at first were the syndicates with rosters of one. They are still going strong. Hat's off to them, and I don't often wear hats. Usually I wear helmets. I'm not sure where the hat tradition came from. Perhaps it is from the Before.
I also mistakenly thought that the Knights of the Round Tuit would have disbanded by now, as every system I have seen is less than hospitable for the gentle-handed, but there they are, and they are growing.
Every day, it seems there are more brave souls reaching out for a taste of the stars, and it is so nice to know that whoever wants to be in a syndicate will probably find one.
I have often considered starting one myself, as I would like to do my part, but I am already concerned about my misguided following on the Amazon station. I keep encountering others who appear to be involved as well, so although I dread the thought, its reach may be a lot farther than I had believed. I think I should sort that out first.
I do look forward to chatting with my friend on Taungoo. So many adventures to share, and yet I suspect he has had more. Hopefully, the noodle business is still booming.