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65 - Flying free - Almost


At Nouveau Limoges, I had joined my Syndicate for a special event. Everyone was around because of the ongoing cleanup campaign, where we come in and serve the citizens by getting rid of a massive ring of organized criminals.
After a hard day's work, I was just relaxing to refresh my focus. So, what better way to relax than to log into the Mesh.

s1llentk1ll: I just found 10 bonds in the ruins
s1llentk1ll: Im rich!
s1llentk1ll: :DD
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: 280 more and you can buy a 3-day VIP pack, and you can sell that for 50k, spend 5k posting it and keep 45kc
s1llentk1ll: whooaaa
s1llentk1ll: I dont need that kind of money
s1llentk1ll: I know myself ..
s1llentk1ll: I will spend it for drugs and working girls
MeMall: when i earn some more money i will go back to school
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: Working girls? You mean like paid staff?
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: Maybe nurses to help with your meds?
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: For 45kc, you could probably even hire a Doctor for a while.
s1llentk1ll: yep yep
MeMall: or bribe the gaul keeper
s1llentk1ll: I can also bye myself a bigger fish tank than yours
s1llentk1ll: hehe
s1llentk1ll: porque yo soy muy loco
[ODD] Robustic: i might have a fish or two
[ODD] Robustic: but I have to raise the rates
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: @Robustic, I'll pay you 500c each fish
[ODD] Robustic: I can see
[ODD] Robustic: nah i'm collecting myself now
[TAU] Bob-Simpson: See what I have started?

Something concerned me, so I thought I would do a little more research. Meanwhile, I went back to to my Syndicate's channel on the Mesh and we chatted a while about it. At the time, we were waiting on one member to show up and help out.

Bob-Simpson: I mailed him.
Bob-Simpson: Maybe he is on vacation or something
Bob-Simpson: I should go wake him up. I need to pick up my spatulas anyway

I was so proud of my newfound public influence until I realized how much more difficult it would be to acquire more goldfish. I need to find that chicken soon.

Bob-Simpson: So it looks like I have started the Goldfish Rush
Xierumeng: I heard that back then Goldfish were also dug out of the ground, during a "Goldfish Rush". Maybe the chickens plant the eggs?
Bob-Simpson: I'm not quite sure how that works.

Not so divine

Clearly, I need to do more research. This may be more complicated than I thought. First thing's first, though. From an earlier conversation, I had learned that my Amazonian name meant clown, like the funny, prankish storytelling mimes everyone loves at Cirque Centauri. I knew they liked me, but I never imagined this. Wbat disturbed me was that they also often said something that someone on the Mesh translated as "my God."
That just wouldn't do. I never dreamed they revered me that much. I simply had to set the record straight on this one. Not only does it seem quite wrong to allow these wonderful people to be deceived into worshipping me like that, but what comes with that is quite alarming as well. Perhaps they might expect me to pull fire out of the air or create a star or do something else god-like. No, that superstitious delusion must end. I had a promise to keep at Orwell Station, and I wanted to see how the Bus would handle the trip, so Right after I got out of sick bay at the end of the campaign and took care of the matter at Orwell, I would refurbished and refuel my ship, gather all my goldfish and head for Estacion de Amazon.

Locked Up

As an aside, I should point out that Orwell Station's security is really uppity and got offended at my efforts to help rid them of the local Ruins Rats. As soon as I got hold of the local Mugger clone, they sprang on me from out of nowhere and I was locked up in the brig for quite a while. Mugger, meanwhile, was treated for his well-earned wounds and helped off to sick bay as though he were a victim of some unprovoked assault.
It's so true, what my friend at Taungoo told me. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and as Ser Shadow has so often told me, no good deed goes unpunished.

Loaded Up

After they saw fit to let me go, I began watching to be sure the station's finest were not around when I went after the Ruins Rats. There wasn't a place they could really gather as on some other stations, so I would have to pick them off one at a time. Their band of thugs had some means of acquiring exotic equipment, perhaps from raiding BD's facilities. They were probably paying the guards for special dispensation in case of conflicts.
It took me a while, but eventually I collected as many armor items as I could carry, quite literally. I nearly wound up in sick bay from hauling them back to the Bus.
As I sat at the controls, with spidersilk suit jackets, heavy diffusion armor and other things piled all around me in the cabin, I wondered why in the world the designers of this ship couldn't have had the foresight to leave a little nook for cargo. Granted, I agree with them that life support and navigation are more important than a few trinkets collected in an escapade, and also granted that whatever I could carry, I could also fit in the overcrowded cockpit, but there needed to be a better way.
I should know. I've designed a lot of ships. I don't know why they won't build one of mine for me. I have even supervised the construction of several vessels, and I don't see how it would be that difficult.
Back in Sol, barely limping in on fumes, I decided Tau would be my first stop, lest I pay one credit too much for fuel. Then to Kobenhavn for much-needed repairs, and I was off to Amazon to put a stop to this foolish nonsense. A god, indeed. It sure didn't say that when I checked my reputation.

A Pirate's Life

I am a murderer. I didn't just send him to sick bay, I killed him. Caen has no sick bay, it seems. I went looking for trouble, and when I found Toe Moss (El Bandito Peteo), I killed him.
It hung over me like a cloud as I returned to Estacion de Amazon to correct this local misconception. The disappointment was clear on some of their faces. Others looked relieved. Some were apparently unconvinced. They kept saying "Oy! Diose Meeyo," which means "OH! My god!" I hope they don't expect me to perform a miracle any time soon. Almost all of them greeted me as El Payaso Tone Toe. That was reassuring. Even the children, most of them, address me as Senyor Tone Toe. At least they still love me.
I found a steady market for the unneeded goods aboard the ships in port, but then I started to notice I was being watched, so I headed back to Caen and hunted up some much-needed rations.
They don't seem to mind "loose trade" as they call it. There are no guards patrolling the halls, but it does seem that possession, rights and the "laws" are determined by whomever has the bigger gun.
I'd be back here again, I was sure, but duty was calling elsewhere. A ship captain's freedom comes at a price.