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63 - Rumors flying

I am so furious. The portmaster refused to approve my flight plan to Barnard's Star. He said I needed a lot more education before I was ready to navigate a wormhole, especially that one.
"I'm not saying you can't go there," he backpedaled. "Just that you can't pilot that ship to get there. You would never make it. There's no telling what would happen to you or even if we would ever know."
"Well, thank you for your concern," I retorted sarcastically as I tossed the stack of paper forms up in the air and walked away.
I just spent all that money to buy my ship, and I have no desire to pay to sit on someone else's shuttle. I couldn't find anyone in the lounge willing to hear me vent about it, so I logged into the mesh and found Ser Moritz and Ser Firefu discussing a slug rifle.
I had seen an elephant gun (it took some explaining, as the thought of launching elephants was . . . confusing) and something called a pea shooter (this also took some explaining), but I simply had to know about the slug gun.

Moritz: Nice!
Firefu: - slug rifle . . .
Bob-Simpson: What are slugs? and why would you need a rifle to use on them?
Bob-Simpson: Are they dangerous? Can you eat them?
Dotsent: @Bob-Simpson I heard somewhere Gaule are sometimes eating them

Now, I am intrigued. A vendor showed me a slug gun, and those projectiles are quite large. I hope I don't run into a slug before I learn how to kill them. When I do, I want to come away the winner and be the one doing the eating, I should think.
No success so far in learning what stations to find them on.
I thought of returning to Estacion de Amazon, but last time I was in Gaule space, well, that ended badly. Never, ever speak to an angry female Gaule Captain who wields a baton. My jaw is still healing.
I did eventually stop in at Nouveau Limoges to visit my friend, Elisa, and to work in her cafe, but I had some hesitation to even go there, as much as I love the street bazaar and all the different kinds of music (and of course the coffee). I rushed to my ship when I heard someone mention Ser Void, and off I went, back to Kobenhavn. Maybe I'll check on Johan and see how he is doing. Mr. Cool was there, so I only did a quick diagnostic and made myself scarce. Plenty of Ruins Rats to chase around here.
When I checked later, Nouveau Limoges was listed as the most dangerous station in the galaxy. No surprise there.