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61 - Cheers?

Journeying again to the Barnard's Star system, I took a few more goldfish, so that I can release more of them when I finally find that thing they call a river, provided that I am not eaten by the crocodile, the muskeetas don't suck out all of my blood and the discreet network of spies don't use plastic scrolls and happenstance hirelings to rob me. I had pondered taking my collection of stims along, but there was no need, since I know I can find them at Hopkins' Legacy, where all anyone else finds are Tier 3 rations.
The most important goal was to get into a better learning environment. Then, I also hoped to use their better physical training area to help me get better prepared for the random psychopaths I seem to encounter everywhere. Also, I wanted to be with my friends, and my whole syndicate was there or on the way.
What I always find interesting on these trips are my encounters with Toe Moss (aka El Bandito Peteo), or rather with the clone of him that resides at that particular station. This time, on Estacion de Amazon, I addressed him by name, and he was totally surprised, but he addressed me me by my local nickname, which tells me he must actually have enjoyed our interactions and cares enough to be sociable, regardless of his pretense of aggression. In fact, he told me it's a good name for me. I just love how kind people are out here.
Everyone seems to know me by name, although I did have to correct one child, who simply called me Tone Toe. "That's SENYOR Tone Toe to you," I replied. Then she smiled, nodded and walked away. Kids are cute. Everyone smiles. These are wonderful people.
I should point out how much it worries me that someone out there is free to clone people who are still living, so they could be working mischief ranging from targeted identity theft to the actual manufacture of human invasion armies. The greatest of science, designed or at least intended to benefit mankind, could be the undoing of us all if exempted from the controls under which it was planned to work (or, as in this case, the treaties which were supposed to govern its practice and even make it allowable at all).
Sadly, I left Barnard system without having exceeded a 3% harvest of rations, not only because I was tired of failing, not only because Void was migrating around from station to station, making it a dangerous place to be, but also because there is no university and no shipyard, so I couldn't buy my ship there, and I couldn't keep up with my learning goals.
When I went to buy my ship, I discovered that I had forgotten two very important courses I needed . . . So I stayed in Sol while I finished those.