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52 - Another busy day

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you (so long as you are not experiencing "subconscious, neo-reminiscent, trans-sociative, pseudocognitive hallucinations" . . . Word for word from Ser Briggs). I scrambled out of bed, rushed to where I had seen that poser before, found he wasn't there, sneaked into the sick bay, taking notice that the cameras were not functioning properly.
One swung a few centimeters in one direction, then shook, shuddered and clickety-clicked, snapped back the other direction and repeated the sequence. Another was pointed at the ceiling. All the rest had error lights flashing. Guess who was there . . .
I walked in, and he attacked me, right off. My sword made more work for the staff there. Luckily for that multiclone, he was already where he should be. I put away my sweet blade and yelled out "MEDIC!" as I rushed out the door and ducked around the corner. After a few moments, the crowd and commotion made it easy to just walk away.
I reached the shipyards to find that they had several new ships under construction, but their supervisor had spent too long chatting with Sebastian and had become his best customer of the evening. Matter of fact, he had been the other guy in sick bay. I hope he didn't see anything.
Well, they said customers were waiting, and someone recognized me from the apprenticeship program back on Taungoo. Next thing I knew, I was again busy doing what I didn't know. Fortunately, the rest of the crew did. I guess things are a bit different here.
Ship after ship took shape, and soon we had finished 4, but on the fifth one, my lack of expertise became woefully clear. I was about to give up entirely when the assistant portmaster from Tau Station happened to show up.
I yelled out his name as I tossed him the slate and turned toward the project. He actually looked like he had expected that as he turned, smiled, caught the slate and finished his about-face, donned his safety glasses and stepped toward the workers, all in one fluid motion, as though that were what he had come here for and this was how it was done. I wish I could look that smooth.
With a smirk, he sent me to install research equipment for captain gap-tooth and her fleet. After the third one, something went wrong, and of course she came after me with a large piece of conduit.
The new supervisor just grinned as he watched me run for my life. Then, once she had rushed back to her ship to ride herd on whatever poor, hapless soul had drawn that job in my stead, he sent me a message to "Stop fussing with Granny Clampett and update the star maps at 13, 14, 16 and 18."
Granny Clampett? Actually her name was Olga Myehkel-something or other, so Mr. Cool needs to learn to review his roster . . . .
13, 14 and 16 went perfectly, but 18 took most of the afternoon, and then there were navigation systems to install in the new ships, and guess who else hadn't shown up. I almost complained about that, but a look from Slim Shady and a smiling glance toward captain gap-tooth and her newest workout partner . . . I figured I'd better not.
After I was all done, I realized I had that somehow my pockets were full of small, high-value components, so I took an evasive route to the wreckage area, where I soon found some happy customers. I recognized one from a run through the sewers, but hey, a hundred credits . . . is a hundred credits.
Besides, I'll catch up with him tomorrow.