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48 - Travel note

A newcomer needed a few items today, and to get them, I had to return to the stale and musty stench of Moissan. There are smells there that are hard to forget. I hurried into the market area, gathered up a few things from my collection in storage, headed off to port, charted my location and left.
As I sat on the shuttle, I noticed that the ride doesn't seem to bother me as much as it used to. Ser Briggs from Tau's Cloning station had told me this would level off as I became more accustomed to space travel. Sometimes I choose the wrong things to doubt.
Which reminds me . . . I proceded to compose a message on my slate.

To my esteemed friend, Ser Shadow,
I hope this message has found you well.
I wish to convey my sincere apologies for having doubted your accounts of the things that exist among the stars. I had never imagined seeing trees, fish or any of the wonders my travels have shown me.
I am told I can be stubborn and narrow minded, but I like to call it persistent and focused. One annoying captain says I am "pig-headed" but I am at a loss to define the term. Perhaps you could help me with that.
I must log out for now, as my difficulty with space travel is wearing upon me.
Best wishes
= * = Bob = * =