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41 - YOU again?!

Mulling over a lot of heavy feelings, I slowly wandered along the streets, watching the scenery as I passed by, almost like being along for the ride, wherever my feet were going. Finally, I stood on a mound of rubble in the middle of the ruins and heard El Bandito Peteo strumming on his guitar.
I called him out, and he strummed out a challenge in return, then stepped out into the open, his rifle pointed into the air. It's hard to say what was funnier, the cocky smile on his face before we shot at each other or the shock and dread as he flew back from my first shot - while his own shot buzzed by right over my head.
He got up, laughing, not even trying to duck for cover, and smirked at me just before he raised his weapon for another errant shot, its errancy owing to his incapacitation from my second shot.
Taunting him was somewhat irrelevant, as he was out cold, so I picked up his ill-gotten cash and his rations pack. I took the liberty of examining the seal on it, remembering my own mischief.
I felt quite contented as I wandered slowly back to the hotel, stopping by for another cup of coffee on the way. My conversation with Ser Moritz hung heavy in my mind, though. These guys keep coming back. It's a never-ending battle.
Ah, well, I won. At least for tonight.