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39 - Working out

After several days of gathering rations (and losing sleep over the horror of consuming them in large quantities), I made my way back to Yards of Gadani, where I used a 3-day pack of Vaccaro-Ibrahim particle solution to prepare myself and hired a trainer for a day at the low-g gym.
I was surprised to find that, exactly opposite of all logic and common sense, my workouts brought far more effective results than the standard environments that should reasonably have been the better training areas. Within a few segments, after forcing myself to consume almost 100 of those awful packages of who-knows-what, I began to see an actual doubling of my strength, stamina and agility ratings and went from a 50-something gym score to over 90 . . .
Then Void came along . . .
Soon all the cameras in all the best hiding places had been disabled, which Void is reputed to do in preparation for stalking potential victims. Here and there, people screamed out "VOID! It's VOID! RUN!" I saw him come into the gym while I was working out, and I left my trainer to fend for himself. I would gladly have hidden him in my rented room, but alas, only one person can get access to the room at a time. No, he would have to find his own hiding place until the Butcher of Gadani had moved on or headed off to sleep.
I didn't hear any blood-curdling screams, gunfire, clanking of swords or buzz of energy weapons, and the usual scampering about was brief, but each time I emerged to try and re-enable the cameras, they were either quickly disabled again or so disabled that I couldn't fix them. Then I saw him again and ducked back into my room.
I would need to head out to replenish my bonds if I had any hope of properly finishing the use of my 3-day pack, but as luck would have it, I had lots of ration bags to recycle . . . LOTS of them.
Eventually, I had to give up on any more training with my paid assistant, who had insisted that he is paid only by the full term and not pro-rated. I couldn't just call it a day and pick up later where I left off. I sure wish I could get paid like that . . . Wait, I do.
I still had trouble walking around with 45 ration packs and soon picked up 25 more from my friends in the Tau Syndicate, In the process, I had a chance to return a small part of Ser Moritz's endless stream of favors by sending useful items (knives, swords, armor, ... ) to people who were new to the area. They seemed surprised.
Unfortunately, my special customers were not handing out bonds as they did a few days ago, so I decided to try for a higher pay grade in my technologist career. I had great success at helping explorer fleets prepare with new NAV systems, star maps, research equipment and flight components as well as providing them with much-needed repairs. Meanwhile my friends in the ruins didn't go lacking.
Several hull replacements even gained from my superb leadership, but sooner or later, I was quite sure, my apprentices or crew would get me into trouble, so I turned the Galactic Communication channels and found citizen Shadow in a conversation about just that issue . . . career advancement and avoiding setbacks.
The idea seemed to be to do the easy, rookie tasks which paid a brutally low stipend but required no special skill or accompaniment. Apparently the portmasters only tally up successes versus failures and don't pay a lot of attention to the significance of the tasks completed.
I believe that is the essence of bureaucracy.
If I ever get like that, just shoot me - if Void doesn't beat you to it.