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38 - Guess who . . .

I sneaked around to avoid being seen and found a group of people speaking that Gaulish language. The closer I got, the more apparent it was that they were studying the ruins. I recorded their conversation so I could translate it later, just in case it might provide some insight.
Just then, the troops arrived, warning us of "some foreigner shooting up citizens who were minding their own business." I nodded and looked worried. Easy to do when it's really you that the armed forces are trying to hunt down.
They had brought along a picnic lunch and insisted that I should join them since we were supposed to stay in large groups for our own protection. I am not sure what a "sahnweesh due zham-bone oh fromazh" is, but it was delicious. They also had "Zhoo doranzh" to drink, and I have never tasted anything quite like it. They seemed quite pleased with themselves as I partook of their hospitality.
I offered them a ration pack, the real one I had switched for my "spare" earlier. No takers. No surprise on that one.
A nearby soldier's radio crackled out a message, unfortunately in their language. The academic group's leader happily interpreted. "Zay found heem. Eet sounds like someone else deed first. Zay're taking heem to ze seek bay, and zen preezone."
Everyone looked relieved and content. I asked if I could contribute anything to their cause, and they politely declined, so I thanked them and went my way.
In my room, I sat down to clean my Trusty Field Hand and found out that it was slightly damaged, so I stopped to fix it before taking a nap. I slept well this time, feeling like I had made a difference, feeling vindicated.
I awoke to the news that El Peteo had escaped from custody and was on the loose. From my short time in the Ruins, I figured I knew right where he would go. I was right.
I waited, sighted in my rifle on the place I expected him to walk to and then saw a flash where he had been and heard pelting sounds as a section of wall exploded behind me. I turned to fire at the source of the incoming fire, and I heard him yelling something a strange language.
He had a weapon I had seen before, a Juliette something-or-other. Maybe he was trying to fit in with the Gaule. Time to help him get more acquainted with them. BAM!
It was funny to hear him yelling what had to have been quite profane as he fired again, but this time he hit my shoulder, and that wasn't so funny. My next shot laid him out across the ground just as a soldier was approaching.
Our eyes made contact, and I could see him smile as he turned away toward El Peteo. He picked him up and carried him off, leaving behind a satchel and a suit of armor - A padded reflective suit. I fixed that and used the money from the satchel to pay for a storage unit to put it in.
That's two. I still owe him.
Then someone with a long, funny name PAID me to help make sure his friend would not have an agility stim when they met later. I got 39 bonds and almost 80 credits, plus he didn't even want the stim.
I think I like this station almost as much as I like the results of that combat course.