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35 - Homesick

A strange longing came over me today, and I found myself checking the time against the cook's schedule at Taungoo. I sent him a message telling him of my experiences here and at Gadani. I miss the noodles and his superb cooking. He responded almost immediately. "Ah!" he smiled. "Have your adventures and experiences begun to answer your many questions, then? There is so much more out there."
A young child in the background was singing loud and chaotic songs while another was making lip-buzzing sounds that sounded like an imitation of a ship in operation until a woman's voice spoke out, "Chot-toh . . . " then nothing but silence.
A worried look came over the cook's face, and he turned away for a moment, then turned back, smiling. Then his expression became a little more serious . . . "One of the Kyarr was inquiring about you. I told him you work for me because you like the noodles, and that was all I knew. You should know that he said he would be back. Be careful of them, and never, ever accept their gifts. You may find as much wrong with them as you did with the people at Daedelus."
He talked for a while, sharing his experiences that paralleled my own, and I felt better. Soon, the children, apparently his children's children, were busy again with their sounds and songs, and he decided it was time to go. Before the terminal disconnected, I could hear him playing with them.
I had to smile.