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25 - To the skies once again

The dinner rush found the place busier than usual until a strange increase in the presence of the tough, arrogant young people referred to as the Kyaar. An ornately-dressed man entered and was led by them to a specially-prepared table, and the owner himself came out to present a small, lavishly-decorated box to him in what appeared to be an honored ceremony.
I was quickly admonished by another server to look down or away but never turn my back to or make eye contact with this man. I noticed the others were behaving in exactly that manner. I know so little of these people, but there was a fear in her expression, and I felt it was wise to follow her advice.
Returning the next day to the port to resume my duties, I found my supervisor had much greater confidence in my abilities, and I felt more respected. It seems the Tau docks had been struggling all day to get that fleet back into space for some special mission, and my services could not have come at a better time.
I had also freed up the best of the trainers to teach the worst of the apprentices how things are really to be done. A letter of thanks awaited me from the portmaster there, and no mention was made of our special meeting.
I breezed through the day and stayed to the simpler tasks, except when I spotted a few apprentices who were less than cooperative. I bounced one off the wall, almost getting in trouble over that, but he behaved himself after he saw I meant business.
One of the Kyaar, standing nearby, seemed to approve of what I had done, as he looked straight at me and smiled. That wasn't the recognition I was looking for, but I smiled, said nothing and got back to work.
The Kyaar unnerve me, though not as much as the other strange groups I have encountered. Each seems to have its own protocol and perception of entitlement, and each seems dangerous in a different way (as well as different in a dangerous way).
I avoided my special customers in the hopes that I might find a stronger chance of finishing my apprenticeship sooner, especially as I was actually training apprentices myself. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. A coworker said that the way I had described my meeting, it sounded like what they call a Captain's Mast, which is very bad news for a career.
Business slowed again as some sort of marketing cycle seemed to be coming to a close, so I asked for and was granted (respectfully this time) leave and permission to work at Nouveau Limoges for a while. It was almost time to renew my visa.
I could only do that on Tau, so back to Tau I came, and I have been too busy here to keep up with my memoirs. My flippant response to the Chancellor's representative seemed to have spared that little vixen from the prejudicial wrath that seemed to await her. Perhaps she will be more understanding with others in the future, but I may have been mistaken.
The Gaule seemed a little more accommodating this time, and I almost enjoyed the visit. I look forward to another exciting trip.