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22 ** - Dead Scare

Okay, it's official. I found something creepier than that guy from the chancellor's office. Prometheans.
I took the walk of P-15, during which I met several people whose experiences matched my horrified observations. Something very wrong is going on there, and the Consortium leadership cannot possibly be completely ignorant of it. I have scratched that station off of my "to-do" list for the foreseeable future.
Fleeing for my life, perhaps literally, I found myself on a shuttle back to Tau, where it looked as though they were waiting for me. I eluded their apparent pursuit and ducked into the Gaule Embassy, killing time by pretending to haggle over the cost of a visa. If I had been mistrusted there before, well . . . They reluctantly granted me a visa after a stern lecture on the vigilance of Gaule security forces and the penalties for criminal activity.
I dashed around, surrounded by enough of a crowd that my virtual nametag would be difficult to spot, to the shuttle bay, booked passage to Nouveau Limoges and slipped quietly aboard. I don't think those goons saw me.
Upon arrival, I immediately checked into a hotel room to hide for the night. And here I thought that book by Stephen King had been disturbing. No, this tops them all.
Next time I meet my robed customers, my knife stays in my hand.