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19 - Apology?

I awakened to a priority message, directly from the Tau University's chancellor's office. I had to sign for it.
This should be interesting. I wonder if maybe they botched my most recent course.


"Ser Bob-Simpson," he said, his smile almost too friendly. Something was amiss, and he was most likely looking to cover it up, if he was anything like the other officials I had encountered.

"I hope we have found you well. We have enjoyed working with you and hope you have found our services useful. I saw you had begun specializing in our combat courses, and I always advise that for travelers, since so many out there are less than fair in their dealings. I do need to speak to you regarding something you had mentioned to our clerk."

And there it is . . .

"You wanted to avoid a certain associate," he continued . . . "Chantelle DuCiel, who had administered your first class, had apparently met with your disapproval. I hope you don't mind that we took the liberty to look up your interactions with her. I was a bit distressed with her actions at the Mermaid lounge in Kobenhavn."

He could just 'look that up?' Really?

"Please understand," he added, "that we take confidentiality and professionalism very seriously, and her statements led me to review her other activities. My investigation led me to consider disciplinary measures, and I would like your input on that, since you were one of those affected by her misconduct."

This guy is starting to creep me out.

Then he got to the core of the problem, though not as he appeared to think . . . "As I am sure you have discovered, good help can be very hard to find. Often we observe that Patricians get their duties, privileges and status confused with a sense of superiority. We try to work with them on that, but as, again, you must be aware, they have their unique limitations."

Racist. I hate this guy. Just whom does he think he is accusing of being unprofessional and having a sense of superiority? Just like a bad table server attempting to conceal his poor work ethic . . .

"I look forward to hearing from you on how you would like us to dispose of this matter," he offered in an obviously false sincerity. "I assure you that we will do our very best to see that it never happens again, and I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive us for this great wrong that has been done to you."


I can't listen to any more of it. That arrogant jerk. Sure, she was wrong, but still, to play the race card on that? I just can't find any reason to respect him.
"Delete message," I directed the computer.
"Cannot comply. Reply required," the terminal responded defiantly.