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17 - Career aspirations

No, I don't mean choking, like yesterday...
Today, I was a good boy all day, or so everyone seems to think -- everyone but my special customers, that is. Success came easily. I repaired 4 ships on my own, 3 with a supervisor, ran diagnostics on a few others, inspected quite a few (Well, some of them wouldn't actually have passed, but credits tend to change things a little...), inspected several outgoing shipments, scored a good deal of 'spare' fuel for my customers and secured their shopping lists, all without incident.
One client put me on to an associate who wanted to relieve someone of a particular weapon, which I found quite easy to accomplish. Seeing his "friend" disarmed (just in time for their business appointment) made him quite generous, and I scored 40 bonds along with the usual fee for my services.
I even got to keep the knife. It's handier than my tanto, and I plan on visiting my 'friend' who introduced me to the local sick bay. I think he missed some things on his last tour there.
I did discover a rather disturbing tendency within the prison system, and it seems the higher-ups don't mind it so much. I need to make sure I stay out of there, and I recommend all who travel through here mind their manners. People seem to disappear if they don't.
Another strange thing about this place is the obsession with superstitious nonsense. They are quite irrational about it and seem overwhelmed at any notion of freedom.
I should like to get a job with the cloning center here as well, as it seems to be quite a special place indeed. We shall see how my career at the port pans out for now, though.
As to my special clientele, it seems people put a little higher priority on discretion at this station, and that means better pay.
Now if only they had a university campus here . . .