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16 - A richer port

My second day here, after touring the port, the sick bay, the lounge, the brig, the ruins and the security office, I finally had a moment free to sit down and enjoy the ambiance. Everywhere here, there is sweet music, the kind you make from the old wood and brass instruments, by hand.
Walking through the main concourse, every breath of this fresher air carries the smells of the delicious but sadly un-filling noodles and soups, all of which somehow fits in amidst the ancient Terran decor with bright, exciting red accents melding in with rich, woody brown tones, beautiful gold and silver filligree, brushed caligraphy and amazing murals of legendary pre-cat scenery. Unlike other places, the locals are excited, enthusiastic and eager to welcome the weary travel who passes through their midst.
A cup of noodles brought back what seems to be an old memory with the use of chopsticks. It came naturally for me. That and the tea really drown out the horror of the ration pack.
I got a stern yelling-at by my new boss for my tardiness, my bad attitude and the incident with the fake power coupling. With that in mind, I have actually shown up for work two days in a row now. Not much sleep in between, but at least I kept my job. He joined me in the lounge as we were both socializing, and he told me that he will make sure I have honest work, just so long as that is what I'm looking for.
Little does he know I sold that power coupling for a full day's pay.