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13 - Good book-keeping

I awoke with the sweet, musty smell of a book hanging in my nostrils, almost compensating for the other, less comforting aromas these rooms tend to produce. Half way through the book that had slid off my face as I turned to look at the clock, I stopped to think about what to do with the rest of the morning.
Work never made the list. Why should it, seeing they will just pay me anyway? I'll just relax, work out in the gym and read books until I feel like I can handle another day at the port. A book I was reading said I should think about what I am doing and consider what the station would look like if everyone were doing the same . . . Well, I shouldn't say would. It does, because most of them are.
If they're not, they are out looking for someone to make fun of for his or her genetic makeup. Real first class folks, I'd say. Perhaps they should take that first class and get on with their lives.
I took the course in ranged combat, hoping to develop skill with the new and exciting toys my friends keep dropping off for me to play with . . . I now carry a pulse rifle and an ancient Terran short sword called a Tanto.
I was reading something in the works of Takeda that sounded quite familiar, and I found a list of the swords his warriors used to carry. Apparently, the Tanto was more of an assassin's blade than the warrior's defensive weapon I had presumed it to be. Still, it feels so comfortable to hold it. It fits like a glove. I wonder if I will be able to find a Katana or a shoto/daito set anywhere.
I still had no success in the ruins when I was looking for the troublemakers who had found me before, so I think more classes and more time in the gym are needed. In good time, I will find them and deal them a dose of the justice our guards are too lazy and complacent to pursue. Right now, all that I find are bits of wire, fuses, relays and beer someone dropped, perhaps when they got jumped.
Briggs was right. I need to take a more patient approach to all of this and remember that I will keep getting stronger while they grow weary, and their arrogance will be my best weapon. I also got a lot of that sort of wisdom from a philosopher named Sun Tzu. Of all the wealth of knowledge that perished in the catastrophe, I am so glad that survived.


  1. Katanas have survived the Catastrophe as well; want me to send you one to try?

  2. I would love that, more than you know.
    I am sure I had one in whatever past I came from.
    There don't seem to be hammers and forges here, and I don't think there are courses available at the university for proper smithing.

  3. I have just sent you one, I hope you would enjoy reuniting with this kind of weapon! Nowadays they are considered somewhat mundane, used mostly by Consortium Security forces on certain stations.

  4. I have to hang it on my wall until I relearn its use, but it remains a symbol of all that is near, dear and honorable.
    I look forward to unleashing its fearsome wrath upon my enemies.