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12 - Working it out

After a little beauty sleep (which I apparently need more than most), I headed off down to the gym to work off a little of my anxiety. Most of the other guys there looked jealous when they saw me. I was less than impressed with some of their efforts, but they weren't interested in my help. Fine.
Then she walked in while I was cooling down from another 100 reps. Her big, beautiful eyes just got bigger and more compelling, and she actually looked interested. Nope. Not falling for it this time. No chance, no way, no how, no. I am not a toy.
I turned my back to her, only to see in a reflection that she was the one staring now. All her friends covered their mouths and giggled, trying to look like they were trying to look away from her.
Some time between my 50th and 100th lap, she had decided to try the obstacle course. Wow, she was pathetic. Her non-descript friend, always at her side through everything, had to help her back to her feet several times. Eventually, after so much fumbling, stumbling, grumbling and tumbling, she left, frustrated and exhausted. I was just warming up.
At the end of the day, I headed back to my room and fell asleep with my nose buried in the third book on Ser Briggs' list. "Who am I and why does nobody seem to care? - the trials and tribulations of colonists in an unwillingly diverse culture"