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8 - Look to the stars

I got stuck at Kobenhavn overnight, so I booked a room there. They actually dress them up with old terran mythology. Here and there are pictured these fanciful creatures with strange eyes and appendages as well as strange, house-like structures with steering wheels, perhaps somewhat akin to spacecraft, but "flying" atop giant pools of water. The pools themselves are said to have been so deep and so wide that their full extent was never explored. Who could ever believe such tales? Only the really old people seem to disagree with that question.

I also found that whatever that thing is that keeps showing up on my bed seems to have relatives here. I wonder if they stow away on ships or perhaps someone may have kept them as pets. They don't seem too eager to make friends. I sure hope they don't get aggressive. I asked Pompano if he knows anything about them, and he got all in a dither, so I left it alone.

I sat and listened to a band of Prometheans talking to each other. They say the strangest things and speak in a funny way. I heard there are a lot more of them on the Daedelus station, but then I heard they can be quite unfriendly and less than truthful. Sounds like most of the locals. I still don't see why they walk around in masks and robes, almost like uniforms. I have noticed that the guards seem to show up in greater numbers when Prometheans gather. Are they dangerous, perhaps?

Maybe, some day, I'll go to Daedelus to see for myself what they're all about.

Meanwhile, this room seems so much quieter and nicer. At least someone thought to spruce it up. I'm wondering if it's worth the difference in price, but it's here and nobody can attack me while I rest, so that's a plus. I'm still not so sure about these weird animals . . .