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7 - Getting by

I made another friend, I think. A very famous one. Citizen Moritz. I expected him and all his circle of friends to be high and mighty, like . . . like those snubs in the offices. Nothing of the sort. All decent fellows. They're the sort that make life here worth carrying on.

Actually, he'd been one of my benefactors early on, gave me some things I needed, always just a vid-term message away for advice and counsel. He had told me a while back that I should really pick up the pace with my "classes," and there are these strange particles they inject that enhance those (among other things).

That came up again because my new "employers" had given me a vial of them in a special package called a VIP kit in return for some "odd jobs," (one of which got me another turn in the brig, so I deserved the gratuity I think) and it turns out I had enough bonds to buy another. Well, to get going on the classes, my best bet was to sell one and use the other. One of his friends also offered me a very enticing structured loan to keep financing my progress, but I wasn't ready for the terms yet (still not sure I am, but later on . . . ).

With all the help and encouragement from Ser Moritz, Dotsent, Ploximity, Perleone and a host of others whose names I can't even pronounce, I was now ready to begin in earnest, to grow into a more productive (and well-supplied) citizen. I even learned how to use my (yes, my) storage unit instead of lugging around all that heavy stuff. I seem to get farther between naps now.

I headed down to the University, not sure whether I was more excited about making progress with my skills or the prospect of meeting her again . . . that obnoxiously adorable young lady who gave me my first "class" . . . Not there. Someone else this time. I couldn't even enquire because I had (still have) no clue what her name is, and the one time I described her, all I got were snarky comments and more of that air-headed blabber about genotypes.

That's okay, though, because I would have been embarrassed to have her discover I really don't know where to get that coffee I promised her. The bars only serve stronger stuff, and, well, I don't think that helps me any more than the food they offer in their advertisement and not on their menu (but then the hotel isn't so honest in their ads either).

Other than my new friends, it seems the most honest folks I find around here are the dishonest ones looking for a discreet favor.

What I can't figure out is how the guards could be smart enough to land their jobs and dumb enough not to realize they can just go work out, socialize, read books and take naps instead of concentrating on me, and their paycheck will come out the same anyway. I already know the doctors have figured that out.


  1. Wait what, I'm famous now?

    Thank you for your kind words. I think your attempts at socializing in the bar have payed off quite well. Though in my experience, you learn even more if you do it at The Mermaid in Kobenhavn; the folks on Tau are not very open.

    Finally, your career will progress. Sure, you'll also keep doing mistakes, but at tasks that pay better than scrubbing ships. Just stay away from Hull Replacements, those are the jobs that landed me in the Sick Bay most often.