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4 - Back to school . . . wait, say WHAT?

"Truthfully, Ser Bob, this injection--"

"If I had needed immunizations--" She's just so adorable, I can't be mad at her, All right, go ahead and interrupt, but watch it

"Actually, the only thing this protects from is ignorance, and you wouldn't want to catch that, would you?"

Come on, why the smiley, bubbly, sweet, innocent girl? Oh well, spares me from another day in the brig.

"Lady, if that's going around, I guess I better take the shot. Most of the folks I've seen today are showing symptoms." Wait, did I just say that?!

Okay, we're not melting glaciers. Enough with the smile and that thing with the big, beautiful eyes

"Okay, here are the forms, and will that be cash or bonds today? Ah, thank you."

So she smiled as she gave me the shot, and then she looked dumbfounded -- and almost criminally cute -- when I asked her where and when this class was, so I could be sure to plan my attendance.

"Oh, no, ser. The class just began, and it's right there, inside you."

"Okay, right. But where do I get books, where does the instructor teach the class, and when do I have to be where to hear the lessons?

can't she knock off the cute thing with the eyes, the surprised expression and that nervous tick with the fingers in the hair? I should really say something to her about that.

"The class was in here, stored in special nanites," she explained, holding up the syringe, then she softly (quite warmly, actually) took my hand and turned my arm up where she had placed the injection, "And now it's right there, so you don't have to go anywhere or read anything or listen to anyone to get the full benefits of it."

"I'd like to listen to you over a cup of coffee tomorrow, if that--"

"Oh, I love coffee, but I have to fly out of Kobenhavn tonight for a special conference. Maybe another time."

"You get a lot of invitations, don't you?"

Now, with that girlish blush, the evasive glance, the redirection of those killer eyes . . . she was the cutest she'd been. I thought I would pass out from the sheer impact of it. She looked in my eyes, gently held my hand and patted it with her other hand, turned and disappeared amidst the line of people waiting for similar services. I could just die of overexposure to that. What a way to go. Wait, what was her name? Name tag! Oh, great, LOTS of name tags . . .

"I see you've been working on your social skills." The guy from the cloning center . . . he was right behind me. I turned around to give him a piece of my mind. "You're showing excellent progress. Perhaps it's time you hear what I have to say."

"Haven't I've heard enough out of you?" I retorted as I wheeled around and walked away.

"Actually, no, ser," his voice trailed off into the din of other conversations all around.