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Watching Them Crawl

I may sound like a hypocrite by saying this, but there are some weird people on these stations. Not always weird in a bad way, but not always weird in a good way. Actually “weird” isn’t the way I would describe all these people. Maybe a tier down: unusual. Every time I walk down an alley, there’s always a shady individual asking me for something. Nine out of ten times I encounter one of these people, I just find another route to get to where I’m going. But I remember this one time,one time, I approached them. It was on Tau Station. I was walking from the bar to the inn. It was a very long night, all I’m gonna say.

So, as I was strolling, I heard a faint whisper. “Hey, real quick, I have a question”, it said. So, being oblivious, forgetting where I was, I walked up to the guy. “Hey man, I see you walk by here all the time, why don’t you ever answer me?” he said, a bit annoyed. All I could stutter out was “Sorry, uh… sir. I, uh… do I know you?” (If you can’t already tell, I’m absolutely wasted) “You good there?”, the man said. “Oh don’t you...worry” I had a hard time seeing straight at this point. The man quickly blurted out “I don’t think you know me, but I was wondering if you could do something for me real quick?” I regained my vision for the most part, and I could see this guy was wearing tattered clothes, and he was missing a finger, alongside having an eyepatch. “Of course I’ll help! You look like a nice guy, nothing suspicious about you. Whatcha need?” He smirked, and told me to deliver a pipe to some guy at the gym. “Sure!”, I said. I walked off, very dizzy, barely moving my feet faster than a shuffle.

I got to the gym, and found the guy he was talking about. I gave him the pipe, and he walked out. I stumbled back to the alleyway, (how I did so still baffles me) and found the “spooky guy”, or so I called him that night. He excitedly thanked me, and gave me 9 credits. Before I could blink my eyes, he was gone. I yelled out “You’re welcome, spooky guy!”, and walked to the inn (once again, not remembering how).

The next morning, I woke up in a room at the inn. My head was spinning like crazy, so I layed back down for a bit. A few segments later, I was feeling well enough to go downstairs and eat. As I was sitting at the table, it dawned on me. Did I do something weird last night? I shrugged it off, and walked to work. I sat down at my desk, and it finally hit me. I spent the day thinking about the shady guy, and I realized, I got credits for bringing some stupid pipe to a random guy I’ll probably never see again.

If you thought I was going to explain the shady guy being weird, no, that’s not really the main point now. It was my stupidity by getting so drunk that lead to me bringing a guy a pipe, God knows what he would do with it. But wait, it gets better. I’ve done these sort of things more times then you can count. You wanna try and use me as a good example for staying away from strangers? That’s not a very good idea. It only takes one time.