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Give It Some Time

This new world, it’s starting to grow on me. Like I said in my last entry, nothing will be the same. All the negativity makes it so difficult to live with little to no stress. There are people that just make this world worse. But before I get into that, just think of the word world.

Our old world is gone, there’s no debate about it. But it seems like people still haven’t realized: we have created our own literal world. We have (partially) rescued some of what we had on Earth, but it still doesn’t feel the same. Of course it doesn’t! We all had it pretty damn good back on Earth, and now that it’s gone, we do whatever we can to get it back. Which leads me back to my main point, the negativity. My God, some of these people that have it better than others still want more. Can we not just stop for a second and think about how far we’ve made it since the absolute destruction of our old lives? It’s incredible. If we can just get together and think about this, who knows what we can accomplish?


  1. Have I found another from before the Catastrophe? I was beginning to think I was the only one left. I remember things like NASA, iPad, Cheetos, Eminem, Antifa, grass. But nobody else seems to know what I am talking about.

  2. You both must be very very old. The Catastrophe was a very long time ago.
    Perhaps you might even make sense of some of the things others have seen from the Before. I find them all confusing/

  3. If--and this is a big if--I have correctly understood the references to time periods in certain bits of literature from Before, and if I am correctly translating them into today's terminology, then Catastrophe would have been around 55 "years" ago.

  4. I actually do not know how old I am. You see, just before the Catastrophe, I was attacked and dragged into a vehicle by a small child in a yellow shirt and some sort of alcoholic old man. They then knocked me out and left me in some sort of...alternate universe, I would say, where the Catastrophe never happened and the morning star had some sort of...screaming face. When I tell this to people they seem to be under the impression that I have been taking high amounts of narcotics from the ruins, which I can assure you is not the case.