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It’s different. Everything I’ve been told, hasn’t been a lie, but it just isn’t what I expected. After the Catastrophe, everyone scrambled to get back to their lives, or… what they had left of them.

Back on Earth, people would joke around about somewhat touchy subjects, one being the end of the world. Look what happened now. Civilization was almost literally halted. There are no words. No words to describe what happened. Hell, I don’t even remember what happened. Everyone tried to start anew, but it just can’t be the same, ever. Sure, people have created new stations. Housing, shops, employment, safety, but will it ever really feel safe?

There are those who don’t follow these new “rules”. There are still those twisted minds that think they’re better than everyone else, and they should be treated as such. No. After the end, people vowed to stick together and rebuild from what we had left, but of course, that didn’t happen for long. As soon as the flow slowly began, we had groups forming, splitting up and once again, like on Earth, at each other’s throats. This is why I thought it would be different. I thought this could actually make things better, by making our people realize that we need to work together. We need each other. But, like everyone once again sees, we are a greedy, power-hungry, pathetic cause. Yes, I tell myself this all the time, even though there is, as little as it is, a small shred of hope for our society in the very back of my mind. We can’t do this alone.