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Dying Embers (draft - please don't read yet)

I don't have Microsoft Word so I'm just gonna use this blog post as my draft while I write my poem :(

Dying Embers

Part 1: Dragons

Time: -9078.13/64:24 GCT

I awaken, to the midst of night: the cold, the deafening, darkless night,

And as I lay, my gaze drifts to, where a million embers line my sight,

And, shining, cut the shadows through, to light my eyes far in the distance...

"Oh," said I, in wonder quite, "how I truly wish I knew

What lights the bounds of my existence."


Now as I watched: all the twinkling lights; did hold me - a captive - with their sight,

And as I stared, pondered, wondered; how with those embers I might unite,

To my shock, in fold a hundred, rapidly I felt my body grow.

Till, at last, great wings of might! Of neither flesh, nor blood, and

Yet now, in reach, lay the stars, aglow.


I spread my wings, and to my delight, saw a thousand metal scales take flight,

Glistening blue, drifting nearer, near the burning embers of the night.

As I came to see them clearer, I bore a floating nest of metal

But, within, my nesting site: cults, Kyarr, plagued my feeder,

So, among these, I chose to settle.


Time continued, passing mite by mite, around this ember that burned so bright-

My scales grew more, my wings in flight

Spanned from Sol to Ceti,


[encounter with gaule dragon]


[mutual expansion, peaceful]






[starting a fight]


[closing reflection while locked in battle]


Part 2: Spoils of War

Time: -000.04/83:07 GCT

I awake


Part 3: Dying Embers

Time: 000.01/92:23 GCT

I awaken, to this home of mine, in amber glow of fireshine,

"like the final embers of some dragon's dying breath"


  1. If you see this post before the poem is done... please politely pretend you didn't :)

  2. I see nothing, I know nothing...

  3. Rhythm Notes:

    Part 1:

    4, 5 / 9 (over 3)

    4, 4 / 9

    3, 5 / 9

    1, 2, 4 / 7