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Shopping for trouble

My stay on Nouveau Limoges is coming to an end for now. Time to go adventuring.

But.., danger awaits me. The Dner's don't take kindly to my ... role ... in the death of the Dner heir. So, I go there forewarned. Now it is time to forearm.

My respectable wakizashi and legion's horn will do for now, but my "storm" armor feels like being wrapped in a plastic sausage casing. Gives the protection of a sausage casing as well. I'm going in style with a diffusion dress. I'll just have to avoid being stabbed.

I'm not trained enough for an equipment belt, so that's about it for my gear.

Now to existential considerations. I don't have a clone. I am one level from tier 3, and I want to save that experience. Not willing to spend bonds yet, so printed or grown? I kinda like the chance for unexpected mutations, but I really like the idea of genotype fluidity. So, it looks like I've decided. Vat grown it is.

[Two days later]

By the black, I didn't know how true "shopping for trouble" would be. Having waited and recharged for 7 days, I was raring to go. I jumped in, flew from station to station, system to system.