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Salary survey - Trader - sample of one

I've noticed career wage for a particular task varies btwn stations. I want to understand a bit more.

43/23 (at Taungoo)

  • Tau: syswide 228, disc 6 plus stat ~+0,010

  • Tangoo: create-syswide-trade-body 114, disc 30 plus stat ~+0,020

  • Daedalus: 114, disc ~20

  • Kopenhaven: 114,

  • Nouveau Limoges: 228, disc 32 plus stat +0,025

43/53 c.2,9

Hmm, all stats full up, all tasks norm+. May take a ration later and compare.

At least the gym gives good results on NL, versus Tau Station's.

  • 43/66 mkt.sta.norma.succ (lowest task available) c.3,2 (again lowest task) c.3,6 mkt.sta.norm.succ (lowest) c.3,9 (lowest, int.100) c.3,7 ibid.succ (but 3rd lowest) c.4,1

  • 43/75 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.4

  • 43/84 (lowest) mkt.sta.norma.succ c.92,1

Note, l.92,1. Seems to go up with other factors. Minor chgs not recorded.

  • 44/3 mkt.soc.harda.succ c.4,8 (stretch on strong stats?) (argh) c.4,6 c.5 c.4,8 (lowest task, so feels like I shouldn't try again)

l.93,8 not sure where the bump came from

Interesting, discreet tasks are slowly inceasing in pay, up to 45 now. And it's not a bad way to increase stats. I wonder what progress on reputation I'm making. What is next after "average"? Nice to no longer be distrusted, but I long for more connections in this world I'm in.

  • 44/31 mkt.sta.normb.succ c.5,2 mkt.soc.harda.succ c.5,6 c.5,9 (lowest) c.5,8

  • 44/68 (easiest/top of task list) mkt.sta.norma.succ c.6,1 c.6,5 l.94 f.92 c.6,3 (instinct was to go for mkt.soc, but it was hard vs easy pattern here) f.87 c.6,7 f.86 (and a bit of a pause) sta/int.66 c.6,5

Seems like stretch/hard tasks are being encouraged. Should be in highest, or next highest, stat; stat.100 f>90%. So first or second task try soc or sta.hard.

soc.hard sta.norm (a,b,or c) int.norm sta.norm sta.norm (a,b,or c) soc.hard ... sta.hard ...

  • 44/81 mkt. sta.normb.succ c.6,9 l.94,2 soc.hard.succ c.7,3 l.94,3 int.norm.succ c.7,6 l.94,3 c.7,5 int.norm.succ c.7,9

Several more discreet tasks and l.94,6. Credits close to 8k. Edu done in 4-span. Hang around NL to get next class (healing) and build reserves. May level to 9 in that time, so can check the low-exp impact on career task success. In fact, should stay for that test to avoid station differences clouding the comparison.

  • 44/92 mkt sta.normb.succ c.8,2 l.94,7 c.8 soc.hardb.succ c.8,5 l.94,5 (easiest) c.8,3 sta.normb.succ c.8,6 l.94,9 (wow, big exp bump) int.norm.succ c.9 l.95

Ok, thought I was pushing it with the 6th try. Clearly some benefit to retrying failed tasks. Next start with harda.

  • 45/0 mkt soc.harda.succ c.9,4 l.95,1 c.9,2 int.norm.succ c.9,6 l.95,2 soc.hardb.succ c.10 l.95,3 (kinda wanna stick with that for c>=10, but keep on) int.norm.succ c.10,4 l.95,4 sta.62 sta.normb.succ c.10,8 l.95,5

Leave it there. 6 tries clearly doable, retry of failed task seems to be favored.

  • 45/10 mkt soc.hardb.succ c.11,2 (weird nw hitch, didn't see succ msg) l.95,6 sta.norma.succ c.11,6 l.95,7 soc.harda.succ c.12 l.95,8 sta.norma.succ c.12,3 l.96 int.norm.succ c.12,7 l.96,1 int.norm.succ c.13 l.96,2

Nice, six succ in a row, a mix of stretch on #1 stat, easy #2 stat, minor stretch #1 stat, easy stat #2, finish with 2x easiest (norm) #3 stat.

  • 45/22 soc.hardb.succ c,13,5 sta.norma.succ c.13,8 c.13,6 sta.normb.succ c.13,9 int.norm.succ 14,3 int.norm.succ c.14,7 l.96,7

Note, I am purposefully slow-walking exp incr (vs doing side jobs to incr more quickly). Given 3.3 to 100 -> ~30 more succ career tasks -> 6+ grind cycles -> 6k more credits -> ready as I'm gonna be. Still want to stay 3d on NL for next class. Today ~6 cycles, so potential for 1d to L9, and two more days til heading out to Spirit of Mali. I won't have the combat training I need, but maybe a bodyguard will protect me from Dner vengence (for causing the death of their son). No sense in worrying about that for now.

  • 45/30 mkt c.14,5 c.14,2 c.14 int.norm.succ c.14,4 sta.norma.succ c.14,7 c.14,5 l.96,9

Wow, what a waste, 2/3 failure rate. I suppose hard followed by hard was not a good idea.

  • 45/58 mkt soc.hardb.succ c.15 l.97 sta.harda,succ c.15,4 l.97,2 (knew I was pushing too hard) int.norm.succ c15,6 l.97,3 sta.norma.succ c.15,9 l.97,4 c.15,7 (coulda waited a few more units)

Ok so far. It feels like I'm narrowing down a pattern for career tasks. Post-levelling, I expect I'll have to back it down to four easy tasks per cycle until >10%, but will test boundaries.

  • 45/73 mkt sta.hardb.succ (hardest/bottom task) c.16,1 c.15,9 f.90 ibid.succ c.16,3 int.norm.succ c.16,7 l.97,7 sta.normb.succ c.17,1 l.97,8 int.norm.succ c.17,4 l.97,9

5 out of 6 success, pretty good, and picked up over 1k credits. Five-ish more cycles and we see what effect exp levelling has on task outcomes.

  • 45/91 mkt c.17,2 soc.hardb.succ c.17,7 l.80 sta.harda.succ c.18,1 f.87 c.17,9 int.norm.succ c.18,2 c.18 sta.normb.succ c.18,4 l.98,4

4 of 7 succ, not so good, but I did fit in a 7th task.

  • 46/0 c.18,2 sta.hardb.succ c.18,6 soc.harda.succ c.19 sta.normb.succ c.19,4 sta.norma.succ c.19,7 int.norm.succ c.20,1 c.19,9 l.98,9

Aw, I got greedy. 5 of 7 succ though, so I can't be upset at that.

Yippee, I am respected in Gaule now! I believe those discreet tasks paid off. Better deals at the market, but is there more?

  • 46/10 c.19,7 soc.hardb.succ c.20,1 (shoulda redone harda) c.19,9 soc.harda.succ c.20,3 int.norm.succ c.20,7 c.20,5 int.norm.succ c.20,9 l.99,2

  • 46/25 mkt c.20,7 sta.harda.succ c.21,1 soc.hardb.succ c.21,5 sta.hardb.succ c.22 int.norm.succ c.22,3 sta.normb.succ c.22,7 int.norm.succ c.23 L9!

Ok, finished my l8 career with 6 of 7 success. Now that I'm L9, we'll see how the next grind cycle goes.

  • 46/37 mkt c.22,9 sta.harda.succ c.23,3 soc.harda.succ c.23,7 c.23,4 c.23,3 sta.normb.succ c.23,6 c.23,4

2 of 7 success, so clearly worse. Will dial down the difficulty tried next time. l9.0,2

  • 46/64 c.23,2 sta.harda,succ c.23,6 soc.hardb.succ c.24,1 sta.normb.succ c.24,4 int.norm.succ c.24,8 int.norm.succ c.25,1 sta.norma.succ c.25,5 l.0,7

Can't complain now; 6 of 7 task success, 2% career boost, almost 1500 in credits. A decent grind cycle at any exp level, especially <1% level exp.

I wonder if being respected in Gaule helps task success. I'll get to test working in the Consortium in a few days, once I've signed up for my next class (intl rels intro to cons or gaule, not sure which yet). Then I'll be off adventuring again.

  • 46/84 mkt c.25,3 soc.hardb.succ c.25,7 sta.harda.succ .26,1 soc.harda.succ c.26,5 int.norm.succ c.26,9 sta.norma.succ c.27,2 c.27 l.1,1

5 of 7 success, still ok.

  • 47/5 c.26,8 (wage took a haircut, 258 to 254,13? Weird) c.26,6 c.26,4 sta.hardb.succ c.26,8 c.26,6 c.26,4 int.norm.succ c.26,8 c.26,6 l.1,3

2 of 8 success !!! With wage change, I wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Not happy, ended with less career % than I started. Maybe low exp penalty kicks in aftwr 1 %? We'll see how the next cycle goes.

  • 47/34 mkt c.26,4 sta.normb.succ c.26,7 c.26,5 sta.normb.succ c.26,9 int.norm.succ c.27,2 c.27 int.norm.succ c.27,4

4 of 7, doesn't feel the same. Not a single hard.succ.

  • 47/57 mkt sta.norm.succ c.27,8 c.27,5 sta.harda.succ c.27,9 soc.harda.succ c.28,1 int.norm.succ (hmm, int.100 still, did I misrecord?) sta.norma.succ c.28,7 int.norm.succ c.29 ibid.succ c.29,4 l.2,2

7 of 8, I guess dialing it back to slightly less challenging tasks is much better. Weird that soc.harda.succ yielded only c+0,2%. We'll see how it goes. (Note, foolhardy impulse, f.73, soc.62, c.29,2).

  • 47/77 sta.norm.succ c.29,5 c.29,3 c.29,1 int.norm.succ c.29,5 sta.norma.succ c.29,8 int.norm.succ c.30,2 c.30 c.29,8 l.2,5

4 of 8 succ, strange delay (~3-5 secs) on successes, but failures return immediately (sub 1 sec). Not sure, but it feels like more hoops to jump through (more conditions to check?) to succeed than to fail.

Ouch, the curse is back. My first discreet task this cycle was to fix Twyla's Trusty Hand. 9 failed attempts and I still couldn't fix it. I've done this many times, never failing as I have just now (maybe back when L6+c3 leveling knocked me back).

Is it me or the universe? I'll be resting/hiding in my hotel room, hoping the curse will lift soon.

  • 48/14 mkt sta.norm.succ c.30,2 c.29,9 sta.harda.succ c.30,3 soc.harda.succ c.30,7 int.norm.succ c.30,1 sta.norma.succ c.31,4 int.norm.succ c.31,8 ibid.succ c.32,1 l3,1

Note, this cycle is an exact copy of 47/57, both in tasks and outcomes. Discreet tasks better now too.

  • 48/39 mkt sta.norm.succ c.32,5 c.32,3! c.32,1 soc.harda.succ c.32,5 int.norm.succ c.32,9 sta.norma.succ c.33,2 int.norm.succ c.33,6 ibid.succ c.33,9 l.3,6

Again same tasks, but 6 of 8 succ outcomes. I probably won't be able to use task pattern indiscriminately. Interesting that level exp incr skipped one of the 6 succ. I may have also stayed too long on one station. Soon resolved.

Side.soc l.4,5.

This may be my last round on NL for a while. Time to get prepared for my journey to Ghost of Mali to face who-knows-what. Well, I do know waiting for me is an angry, wealthy family who blames me for killing their heir. Something to consider.

  • 48/61 mkt mkt sta.norm.succ c.34,3 soc.harda.succ c.34,7 c.34,5 c.34,3 int.norm.succ c.34,7 sta.norma.succ c.35 int.norm.succ c.35.3 c.35,1 f.62 int.norm.succ c.35,5 l.5

6 of 9 success, first try of 9, ended with success. 3x each of the three skills exercised. Still not sure when to try hard tasks, but early/focus>90 seems best.

Wow, three disc tasks in a row without hitch. I've got a feeling it's a timing thing, with short cycles of chance variation repeated. Can't tell a pattern, but my intuition seemed to do well this time.

Feeling charged up and ready to go. Time to go shopping and start a new post.