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Gaule darn, part 2

Embarked upon a clean slate mission on Cirque Centauri that took me across two solar systems chasing a ne'er-do-well. Exciting, but all this has been done pro bono so far. Thousands on travel, a few bribes here and there...

I, a poor, newly decanted, amnesiac Belter, trying to play the role of a jet setter galavanting across the galaxy. Needless to say, it requires a lot of hard work to keep up as a lowly c3 businessman, let alone flitting from station to station and system to system.

Stopping here and there to earn the credits, then chasing off after a terrorist, did not leave time or energy for blogging my journey. Many career and other tasks done without log.

Back to the adventure, the terrorist got away, but I recovered a slate that may advance cloning tech.

Now I'm stuck on Sol Gate trying to make my fare back to Cirque. Two more rounds of tasks and I should have enough to make it Alpha Centauri.

  • 41/2 c.83,2 l.41,3

I was working safely, not pushing my career tasks to failure. Then I over extended and had a failure. I rested, 100% stats, tried the previously successful pattern again...

  • 41/3 c.82,6 !!!!!

Does one failure make next failures more likely, even if separated by time done with full stats.

  • 41/6 port.sta.norm.succ c.83,7 l.41,4 port.soc.easyb.succ c.83,8 l.41,5 ibid.succ c.84,3 l.41,6 2x side.cargo l.43,4

  • 41/15 port.sta.easy.succ !!! c.84,4 l.43,5

What is this curse? One failure leads to a dramatically lower success rate. Is there some pattern I'm missing?

On the plus side, the trip to AC dropped in price. I'm sure I'll have to work for my fare back to Cirque, but at least I'll be one step closer.

Finally made it and wrapped up the mission. The payout did not cover my travel costs, so it felt like I was short-changed (unless paying to go on a mission for the sheer joy was intended).

Then I search to find a kidnapped child. Little interest from the law, a frantic mother, and a slew of apathetic bystanders. The outcome is the kidnapper dies by my action AND the child is sold offstation.

This world is getting darker and darker. If I don't have a path to righting some of these wrongs (individually and at a group level), I expect I'll like it less and less here.

Thank goodness, I found an honest official. Sure, I was at fault for offering the bribe, but I thought it'd help find the missing water for Tangoo more quickly and with less effort. I suppose every participant in corruption justifies it in different ways. However, I was gladened to see the bribe rebuffed. Spirit of Botswana is a glimmer of hope.

Then back to Tangoo, my first taste of a corrupt administration. I helped find a compromise between a corrupt official withholdimg water because of a petty personal dispute and the shop owner being denied their fair share. Imperfect, but a small win for the little guy.

  • 41/91 c.87,1 l.89

Almost time to start a new class. Also close to next level and career step. Save some credits, build my stats, and I'll be ready for the next level.

[some successful cycles grinding]

  • 42/5 baseline c.89,8 l.89,4 str.12.740 agi.12.827 sta.13.310 int.13.239 soc.15.414

  • !!! Clearly too aggressive. I think alternate A start with norm B start with easy. So, risk another fail with int.norm or stick with easy? Dial back, start easy. port.soc.easyb.succ mkt.sta.easy.succ c.90,8 l.89,6 3x side l.90,7

  • 42/49 !! mkt.sta.easy.succ port.soc.easyc.succ !!! c.92,4 l.91

For someone over 90% in career and level experience, I sure do fail alot. disc.succ l.91,1

  • 42/62 mkt.sta.easy.succ port.soc.easyc.succ mkt.sta.easy.succ port.soc.easya.succ c.94,2 l.91,1 (no exp chg? Does >90% require a stretch for exp bump? But my experience shows going for just norm tasks can result in repeated failures; maybe a more risky/hard task, or new norm, next time)

Wow, exercise on Tau doesn't give much (~50% of expected), but task wage is higher (saw that elsewhere too... have to map pay diffs btwn stations to direct my efforts more efficiently).

  • 42/x mkt.sta.norma.succ !! mkt.sta.easy.succ port.soc.easya.succ disc c.96,2 l.91,2'

  • 42/87 port.soc.easyd.succ c.96,8 mkt.sta.norma.succ c.97,4 c.98 port.soc.easya.succ c.98,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.98,9

  • 42/96 port.soc.norm c.98,5 mkt.sta.norma.succ c.99,2 port.soc.easyb.succ c.99,7 c8.0,1 !!! port.sta.norm.succ c.0,5

Ok, pushed through to new career level and still had good success. Soon we'll see the effects of exp levelling, which seem to be more negative on task success. I need to have a repeated baseline up to exp chg, so that I can have a concrete comparison.

  • 43/4 c.0,2 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.0,7,succ c.1,0 (ooh, really not giving much for safe bets) mkt.soc.hard.succ c.1,4 (wow, stingy bump for hard task) c.1,8 pot.sta.norm.succ c.2,1 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.2,5 c.

So, good success rate, but slower career advance.

  • 42/15 mkt.sta.hard.succ c.2,5 c.2,3 c.2,5 (really, only 0,2 bump?) c.2,8 mkt.soc.hardb.succ c.3,3 c.3,1

Post getting long. Time to start new one.