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Ouch, that felt disproportionate

Background: I'm L7 doing an L8 mission "Last Night in Paris", delivered schematic to the (L10) Yards, looking for info from Nicole in the Ruins and got caught up in a fight.

I dodge and block repeatedly, each unsuccessful, each taking 75% of agi and str resp. A blow to my shoulder, forearm, ... I stay on my feet. I rest and recoup btwn rounds (1x dodge, 1x block, rest).

Window-shopping during one of my rest periods, I see an agility booster for Belters and think "that'll help me dodge better".

Woe is me. I try a dodge and block, sta.25 agi.25, eat my agi boost snack, and ... nothin'! Ok, maybe I don't know how to use these fancy VkVics. Maybe I need to be on full. I take a ration.

Full stats and wellfed, pssb snack benefit, I'm feeling moderately confident. What the worst that could happen. Another dodge/block fail, another cycle grind, right?

First dodge after agi snack and ration...


I catch one to my temple; agi.90 f.95 but I'm in the hospital for 16 segs.

Agi.90!!! So the snack did something positive for agi stats?! Plus I ate a ration. But I had the worst outcome yet.

Random chance? Maybe. But I wouldn't expect taking extra precautions with a known challenge to result in a dramatically worse outcome.

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Out of the hospital, wrapped up mission rather quickly. Feels like an unpleasant thing happens, but the larger goal moves forward. Like a necessary plot point. I guess if I was geared up and physically a match, it may have gone differently.