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A place to record suggestions of how I'd like this world to be.

  • sta and agi used in career tasks, but no growth in capability? I expect successfully exercising abilities, at the gym or otherwise, to have pos effect on ability level.

  • in addition to stat growth for succ use of ability in challenging op.env, I think challenging op.env higher risk of failure should be balanced by higher career growth (similar to what seems to happen w vip pack) for succ tasks.

  • [NA] story continuity, Mali Dren boy mission, gfather is stan, gson is viktor, but in the ruins viktorn says "Viktor Dren says Children? Not children. Property. Property that stole my son."... My mistake, it was his namesake, Pere Viktor pas fil.

  • new level transition still rough; with life experience l8.0,4%, I failed and failed easy sta and soc career tasks with l8 vhigh and exc stats resp. Will find out soon how ~l.12% fares.