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Gaule darn

Gaule calls. Missions and learning call.


Enrolled in Basic space nav.

baseline wellfed c.26,2%

  • 30/59 mission FunGus l7.9,6%

  • /60 c.25,9 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.26,4 l.9,8 port.soc.easy.succ c.26,9 l.9,9 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.27,3 l.10,1

  • /62 mission The Chemist, l.22,9

Wow, huge jump in level experience. There were some tricky choices. I wasn't sure if calling myself mercenary was the right direction, but it was honest. We are in it for ourselves, after all. It's a question of how broadly we consider our wellbeing. As the saying goes:

"I try to do good in the world not out of fear for hell or reward of heaven, but because it feels better not to be an asshole."

  • /65 discreet.succ no chg to c or l mkt.sta.easy.succ c.27,8 l,23,1 f.64 c.27,5 l.23,8

Took Damsel in the Dark mission, went to

Spirit of Botswana

Level 9, what am I thinking?

  • 32/1 mkt.sta.easy.succ! c.28 l.23,9 (level exp incr may be prev mission actions) port.soc.easy.succ c.28,5 l.24,1 f.94 sta.84 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.29 l.24,3 f.84 soc.84 c.28,7

Pressed my luck there. I coul cook the books, but not on a straight-laced station like SpirofBot. Time to go to Cirque Centauri on my mission.

FALLING THROUGH A CRACK? Pursued mission to

Cirque Centauri

ruins, was trying to eavesdrop, low stats so I went to get a hotel room. Lo and behold, I find the next clue. Do I need to pursue prev, or continue? I continue.

agi.84 others.100, mission task outcome "impossible to focus" f.100 int.80 [inconsistent attribution].

Now int.84, agi.97? Pssb record error, need to record timestamp, Curr stats verf'd.

int.92 mission task failed c.28,7 l.24,3 int.72. Will recharge in the inn.

Completed DitD. Clearly the SmilIng Rats (?) are something to watch for.

  • 31/19 port.soc.easy.succ c.29,3 l.27,8 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.29,7 l.28

On the way to find a mission on

Paris Spatiale

Wow, this capitol of Gaule is pretty spare.

Tried to start mission All That Glitters, got dinged back petty hard. Time to rest up. 31/23.

Hmm, maybe I started with the "last" mission for the station. It's now telling me

You have taken all missions that are available for your character level

So, can I try the other three? Will find out after rested... Turns out I was still on mission. Seems like that could be a bug report, but I'll wait until it happens again.

Str and agi took huge drop (50%) with each mission step. Consumed multiple rations to keep up. All to no avail, I ended up in sick bay.

Scale back, trying the first l8 mission now, Shrine of Remains. Same huge hits to agility, 50% trying (unsuccessfully) to make my way through a crowded bar. Rest and rethink.

I thought "high" sta and agi was ok, but it looks like all should be vhigh or exc when venturing into higher level stations and missions. I'll have to go back to a station where I can safely exercise.

Will try to finish or fail the mission here, carefully caring for my soft strength and unbalanced agility. Either way, retreat is in the cards...

Glad I stuck with it, one or two more rest/try and I made it to the stage. Now have to climb some challenging stairs. 🤔. A few more rest/try cycles to go I expect.

Can I drop focus+other stats to same recovery time, thereby making fuller use of the time?

  • 31/97 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.30,1 l.28,1 f.95 sta.80 ibid.easy.succ c.30,6 l.28,3 f.90 sta.60 c.30,4 f,88 port.soc.easya.succ c.30,5 l.28,5

Net 0.1% career incr for rapid easyb fail/easya succ. NB, do easiest first when op.env is challenging.

Ended up with fairly balanced stat regen (sta and soc will take 2 segs, str/agi ~3 segs).

  • 32.3 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.31 l.28,6 (waited for f.99) mkt.sta.easy.succ c.31,4 l.28,8 port.soc.easyb.succ c.32 l.29; f.100 sta.85 (was norm until sta.80) port.soc.easya.succ c.32,2 l.29,1

Continued mission, sapped str and agi but made it thru. Now need more agi to tie up a thief.

  • 32/xx f.100 sta.100 !! c.32 f.95 sta.80 ibid.succ c.32,4 l.29,3 port.soc.easyc.succ c.32,9 l.29,5 c.32,7

Rested a bit, f.100 sta.80 soc.74 says 2 easy (legal) tasks available.

  • mkt.sta.easy.succ c.33,2 l.29,6 c.33

Tied and tied, knots still slipping. Agi.0 others.100

  • 32/17 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.33,4 l.29,8 port.soc.easyc.succ c.33,9 l.30 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.34,4 l.30,1 port.soc.easy.succ c.34,9 l.30,3

tied and tied, still no luck

  • 32/49 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.35,3 l.30,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.35,8 l.30,6 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.36,3 l.30,8 port.soc.easy.succ c.36,7 l.30,9

Tie, tie... tie (not sure how I got the third tie try)

  • 32/55 Mkt.sta.easy.succ c.36,5 ibid.succ c.37 l.31,1 port.soc.easyb.succ c.37,5 l.31,3 ibid.easy.succ c.37,9 l.31,4

Tie tie success! and no hitches finishing the mission. L.39,7

Started another mission, The Last Night in Paris. Do I want to extend further to an 10 station? May be best to get back to my level and build strength and agility).

  • 32/72 mkt.sta.hard.succ c.38,5 l.39,9 port.soc.easyc.succ c.39,1 l.40,1


  • 32/75 c.39,7 l.40,2 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.40,1 l.40,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.40,6 l.40,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.41,1 l.40,7

Time to build str and agi. Str.11.499 high, str.11.586 vhigh, gym.str.max 11.691 ... 11.881 str.exc!

Now agi.high 11.443 ... .545 ... .652 vhigh ... .754 ... .870 exc! Grinding most convenient right now, so let's get them both over 12.

Argh, decided to go to Yards to continue mission and !!!! Cut it too close trying to get recov boost from staying in my room. I did click on "local shuttle" before time (~10 units) but got "You have been checked out", which was not true and it stopped me from going to the shuttles (that plus cutting it too close).

So, 10+ tasks to make back what I lost, and str/agi/sta training. I guess it wasn't time to go. Maybe even wait for l8? OR cash out and fly to the yards now?

Ok, 50% career is the target, 8,9% more, ~18 tasks, 4 per rest cycle, 5 cycles, min 20 segs til the yards.

  • 33/88 c.40,7 l.44 c.41,4 l.44,2 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.41,8 l.44,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.42,3 l.45,2

Did a side job and was warmly treated by the boss. Maybe the Gaule mistrust of me, a Belter, is lessening. And l.46,8, so big jump in experience.

  • 33/97 c.42 ibid.easy.succ c.42,4 l.47 port.soc.easyc.succ c.43 l.47,2 port.soc.easya.succ c.43,4 l.47,3 soc.side l.49

  • 34/5 c.44 l.49,2 port.soc.easyc.succ c.44,5 l.49,3 c.44,2 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.44,7 l.49,5 f.82 c.44,5 side.sta.5c l.51,1

  • 34/17 c.44,2 ibid.succ c.44,8 l.51,3 c.45,4 l.51,5 port.soc.easyb.succ c.45,9 l.51,6 ibid.easyc.succ c,46,5 l.51,8 side.soc l.53,5

  • 34/44 mkt.sta.hard.succ c.47,1 l.53,8 c.47,5 l.54 port.soc.easyc.succ ... c.48,8 l.54,1 port.soc.easyc.succ c.49,4 l.54,3 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.49,8 l.54,4 l.56,1

  • 34.55 c.49,5 ibid.succ c.50,1 l.56,3 port.soc.easyc.succ c.50,6 l.56,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.51,2 l.56,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.51,6 l.56,8 l.60,1

Did 6 cycles of tasks >50% on exp and career, now off to

Yards of Gardani

Delivered schematics, sus chgs like weaponry, went to get more info in the Ruins, and ended up in a fight. 75% hits with each blow unsuccessfully avoided. Thankfully not in the hospital, yet. Will grind to get through.

  • 34/73 port.soc.easy.succ c.52 l.60,2 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.52,5 l.60,4 port.soc.easy.succ c.52,9 l.61,2 c.52,7 f.46

Ok, 4 was pushing it on an l+3 station. Left unfinished sidejob, so can't try even if they would have me. Gym requires combined phys stats of 39 (eg 13 per) to avoid injury.

So, grind mission and career until mission takes me back to safer environs (even though the Yards is Belter "heaven", I'm still too new in this body).

In the hospital again

Details in post "Ouch, that felt disproportionate". 7 segs left of 16 in the sickbay.

Once out of sickbay, I missed getting info but can continue the mission back to ParisS.

  • 35/29 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.53,1 l.64,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.53,7 l.64,6 c.54,3 l.64,7 mkt.sta.easy,succ c.54,7 l64,9

Finished mission and ran back to


Did a few discreet tasks (do those help with reputation?) and went to the gym for str training. Gonna hang low and get build phys up to 13's.

  • 35/72 l.69,3 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.55,3 l.69,5 port.soc.easyc.succ c.55,9 l.69,7 c.56,5 l.69,8 c.56,3 port.soc.easyb.succ c.56,8 l.70

  • 35/79 c.56,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.56,9 l.70,2 disc.stimsteal side.sta l.71,8

So, I can level exp quickly with side jobs, career with c.tasks, phys stats w gym, mental stats w some tasks, reading, and socializing. Could grind to high levels, then go through missions more easily, but still will have to balance where my efforts are directed.

Am I still looking for my origins, or am I just working for status in this universe?

  • 35/87 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.57,5 l.72 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.57,5 l.72,1 , gym

  • 35/99 l.73,8 c.57,7 (hmm, did I miss a task?); focusing on gym for now.

I got bored of discreet tasks and gym. No exp or career chg, but now avg rep in Gaule.

  • 36/94 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.58,3 l.74 c.58,9 l.74,2 port.soc.easyc.succ c.59,4 l.74,3 side.str l.76

When to go on the next mission? 4k in credits? 13's for phys stats? We'll see. Til I get bored, most likely.

  • 36/94 mkt.sta.easy c.59,9 l.76,1 ibid.succ c.60,3 l.76,3 [was c+0,5 and 0,6 for a bit, looks like I'm being encouraged to stretch, maybe c.60% is threshold]

  • 37/5 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.60,9 l.76,5 port.soc.easyc.succ c.61,5 l.76,6 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.61,9 l.76,8 c.62,5 l.77 port.soc,easyb.succ c.63 l.77,1 c.63,7 l.77,3

[Ended at /24, so a break btwn first two I think]

... picked up ration and scavenged, not sure which bumped exp. L.77,6

  • 37/34 c.63,4 port.soc.easyc.succ c.63,9 l.77,8 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.64,3 l.78 c.64,9 l.78,1 c.64,7

40% failure rate. Too close to run of 6x succ (only 10 segs)?

  • 37/54 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.65,3 l.78,3 port.soc.easyd.succ c.66 l.78,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.66,4 l.78,6 c.66,1

Ouch. Decided to push int over 13 (done), will do same for sta. Maybe the sta.norm tasks will get easier.

  • 37/60 (cutting it close) mkt.sta.norm.succ c.66,7 l.78,8 port.soc.easyc.succ c.67,3 l.79 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.67,7 l.79,1 c.68,3 l.79,3

  • 37/70 mkt.sta.norm.succ c.68,9 l.79,5 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.69,4 l.79,6

I was checked out of the inn while at work. Stopped off at the gym, and I realised now is the time. Paris, here I come. Wrap up there, and my Gaule phase will be done.

Turns out, Ghost of Mali was half the price. Mali, here I come.

The Ghost of Mali

Got here and was able to help an older couple After the Harvest, using up the last bit of focus I had. Travel is wearying. Got a room to rest up, then I can find new adventures. (nb, 37/82 l.85,9)

Won a bet on who stole some shipments. C.94,9

Looked for little Viktor Dren, found the deep, dark, sick underbelly of Ghost. I saved some of the abused children for the moment, but caused the death of Pere Viktor. I didn't expected this. It is the first person I've killed, even if unintentional. And the Dren's are powerful, vengeful, and consider people as property. I must flee. Back to Gaule Space.

But not forget. There is corruption and human rights abuses rampant, ruling!, in at least two stations, GoM and Taungoo.


lay low, rebuild phys stats, find adventure in

Paris Spatiale

  • 38/24 c.69,2! C.69

Ok, so serious prob with the very low level exp, even though career is middling... Retreat! Will build stats and do side jobs to lift exp, before trying career tasks again.

Even side jobs are too much. Halted side.str with one chore left and str.0. (exp up to l.2,1).

L.2,4. Helped find unauth'ed power taps, and discovered corrupt theft and humanitarian ingenuity. Funny how the same act can have opposite moral value attached depending on context and power differential. The powerful stealing more than their share from the commons, versus the relatively powerless having to bend the rules to get a part of their fair share.

Corruption and unequal rights seems to be a moral risk for any relationship, but there is a qualitative and quantitative difference when the ruling power is enforcing the corruption and inequality. I'll have to learn more about the power dynamics in the universe.

  • 38/66 L.11,6

Build career and stats (we'll see how exp ~10% plays).

  • 38/90 nope, chged my mind, get sta over 13, ... sta.13,084, sta.exc, Yay!

  • 38/98 (a stretch, I know) c.68,7 port.soc.easya.succ c.69,1 l.11,7 port.easyb,succ c.69,6 l.11,8 f.85 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.70,1 l.12,1

Over 70 career... career and stats.

  • 39/33 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.70,5 l.12,2 port.soc.easyc.succ c.71 l.12,4 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.71,5 l.12,6 side.str l.14,5

Finished a mission to scavenge from the ruins. Felt a little morally dirty after that, and what of my teen-like interactions with Runa? Finally, what is the Peceptor? l.23,1

Took a discreet task, f.70, then tried mkt.sta,easy and failed. Ouch, c.71,2.

  • 39/76 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.71,7 l.23,2 port.soc.easya.succ c.72,1 l.23,4

  • 39/85 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.72,6 l.23,6 port.soc.easyb.succ c.73,1 l.23,7 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.73,5 l.23,9

  • 39/95 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.74 l.24,7 c.73,7 mkt.sta.easy.succ c.74,1 l.24,9 port.sox.easyc.succ c.74,7 l.25,1

  • 40/7 side.sta.medwaste l.26,7

  • 40/21 side.sta.bankdust l.28,4

[Maxed 15k char limit, starting a new post]